How did Jonathan Stock die? Cause of death Explained.

Authorities are investigating the death of Jonathan Stock, who was found in Cambodia with a garbage bag wrapped around his head. Let’s look at the British man’s end and the precise causes of death for Jonathan Stock.

Who was Jonathan Stock?

Jonathan Stock, an Englishman by birth, had lived in Cambodia for more than ten years. He lectured at the local Christian SBS school while also authoring several books on the Khmer language. He was a native English speaker and writer who supported his wife in running their coffee shop.

The police are begging for more witnesses to come forward. The British Embassy in Phnom Penh stated that in the meanwhile, Jonathan’s family members in the UK had been informed.

How did Jonathan Stock die?

When his wife Meiling, 39, left the house to drop off their two kids at school, Newcastle-upon-Tyne resident Jonathan Stock, 34, was dozing off at home. She returned home three hours later to find her ten-year-old British husband dead by the entryway, his head covered in a black plastic bag.

The shocking tragedy was being looked into, according to Chief Inspector Lim Puthyla, whose team had spoken with Meiling. We are carefully reviewing the case, he said. Our investigators will question other individuals who knew the deceased. The actual cause of death will be discovered.

Jonathan Stock
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Jonathan Stock cause of death?

Early on Wednesday morning, Jonathan Stock was found to be dead. “I woke up my child, and we went to her Chinese school,” his wife Meiling remarked. My spouse asked for more slumber.

“I visited the market to buy noodles after school. I found my husband dead by the doorway when I got home around 9:20 a.m.

Reports state that Meiling, who wed the Christian missionary school teacher ten years ago, called her mother and brother for help and dialled 911.

The cause of the death of Jonathan Stock is still under investigation by the authorities. The cause of Jonathan Stock’s death won’t be known until the post-mortem report, which adds to the death’s mystique.

Did he commit suicide?

Jonathan’s death was initially ruled to be a suicide after an investigation by police and forensic experts.

Following the revelation of a British man’s death via suspected suicide, rumours and disputes have flared up on Cambodian social media.

Questions concerning the way of death were raised after police said that self-asphyxiation was the cause of death. According to the authorities, the man allegedly strangled himself by encircling his head with a plastic bag.

Rumours about his passing convinced the police to conduct a deeper investigation. The local media reported “inconsistencies” between Meiling’s statements to the police and what she told reporters.

She implied to some journalists that Jonathan was sleeping in bed while she was leaving, but she informed one that he was preparing breakfast. The two, according to neighbours, were “frequently at odds” and engaged in “a quarrel” the previous evening.

According to Ko Sun Kaing, director of the Office of Serious Crimes, the police are investigating whether Jonathan had a heart attack. To ascertain Jonathan’s precise cause of death, they are also awaiting the findings of a post-mortem. When she spoke with the authorities, Meiling admitted to locking her husband in the bedroom.

British father’s mysterious death:

According to Lim Puthyla, the deputy provincial commissioner, Jonathan Stock was the deceased foreign national. In Cheap Veal village, Anlong Vil commune, Sangke district, he was a 34-year-old British man who shared a home with his 39-year-old Cambodian wife, Van Kanhna, and their children.

In the province of Battambang, Jonathan’s wife discovered his body on Wednesday when she returned home in an odd way.

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