Who are Marilee Fiebig’s Parents? What Is Marilee Fiebig Net Worth?

What kind of parents is Marilee Fiebig? To learn more about Marilee Fiebig’s parents and to read her biography, check out this article. An American lawyer named Marilee Fiebig.

Who are Marilee Fiebig’s Parents?

American lawyer Marilee Fiebig was born on August 19, 1977. Because so many people are interested in the private lives of their favourite celebrities, the most common search on the internet is for Marilee Fiebig’s Parents. Let’s look at Marilee Fiebig’s parents in this article and other information.

Pauline and William Fiebig are Marilee Fiebig’s parents, according to reports.

Marilee Fiebig Father

Now that Marilee Fiebig’s father’s name has been revealed, William Fiebig, people who are looking for him, will be informed.

Marilee Fiebig Mother

Pauline Fiebig is Marilee Fiebig’s mother. Regarding the mother of Marilee Fiebig, not much is known.

Who Is Marilee Fiebig?

An attorney who used to work out of Atlanta, Georgia, is Marilee Fiebig. But TJ Holmes, a former CNN host and current ABC journalist, is better recognised as her husband. Fiebig, Holmes’ spouse, is an accomplished lawyer with experience in the fashion and entertainment sectors.

At Willhelmina International Inc., she served as general counsel and the former vice president of operations. She frequently works to open possibilities for young people, cross boundaries, and break down barriers while also assisting them in realising their full potential once they are in the United States.

Additionally employed by Save The Children, Marilee has been concentrating on programmes that promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She also manages executive positions in operations, philanthropy, fashion, and entertainment. Please find out more about her, such as her background, career as a lawyer, marriage, etc.

Marilee Fiebig
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Marilee Fiebig Career

After working as an attorney for several legal firms, Marilee joined Wilhelmina and remained there for nearly four years. As already noted, she served as Willhelmina International Inc.’s vice president of operations and general counsel.

The majority of her duties back then were facilitating youth immigration from all around the world. She ensured that they could labour without being subjected to any exploitation, harassment, or abuse after they arrived.

Marilee also wanted to emphasise the value of a female perspective in senior management. Since she is a woman, Fiebig naturally empathises with models and can offer them a distinctive viewpoint.

She had to evaluate all the supporting documentation as part of her job to create a case for Wilhelmina’s models. As an immigration lawyer, Marilee has so far been able to get numerous clients, both immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. In April 2016, Mrs Holmes was appointed Wilhelmina’s internal attorney. The #MeToo movement was beginning to take off.

What Is Marilee Fiebig Net Worth?

No such reckoning or dissolution has been made for TJ Holmes’ longtime partner, Marilee Fiebig, even though she is undoubtedly wealthy, with a reported net worth of $3 million.

Nevertheless, assuming her impressive profession and the life she portrays on Instagram and other social media, she is still likely financially well on her own. If nothing else, Fiebig’s net worth may be in the six figures or far higher than usual.


1. Who is the mother of Marilee Fiebig?

Ans. The parents of Marilee Fiebig are William and Pauline Fiebig.

2. What is Marilee Fiebig’s name?

Ans. American lawyer Marilee Fiebig practises law.

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