Who are Jon Kitna’s Parents? Jon Kitna Wife, Ethnicity & Net Worth

The parents of Jon Kitna. Check out this article for Jon Kitna’s biography and to learn who his parents are. An American football quarterback is Jon Kitna.

Who are Jon Kitna’s Parents?

Born on September 21, 1972, Jon Kitna plays quarterback for the American football team. Due to the enormous interest in the personal lives of their favourite celebrities, Jon Kitna’s Parents are the most searched topic online. Let’s examine the story and other details regarding Jon Kitna’s parents. In this article, let’s look at Jon Kitna’s parents and additional information.

The parents of Jon Kitna are unknown.

Who Is Jon Kitna?

Former NFL quarterback Jon Kelly Kitna, who is still well-known now, played for their favourite teams, the Dallas Cowboys, the Detroit Lions, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Before being signed by the Seattle Seahawks as an unregistered free agent in 1996, he had attended Central Washington University, where he primarily played for his collegiate football team. The football coach at Burleson High School is now him.

Jon Kitna Wife’s Ethnicity

Jon will turn 50 in the year 2022. He was born on September 21, 1972, in Tacoma, Washington, in the United States. He celebrated his birthday on September 21 each year. He is a member of the Virgo zodiac. He follows Christian teaching. He obtained his degree from Central Washington University. Details about his school have yet to be made public. He also played collegiate football for Central Washington University. In addition, the Seattle Seahawks hired him as an undrafted free agent in 1996. Jon once played quarterback in American football. The National Football League was his sport. He now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle, Detroit Lions, and Dallas Cowboys.

What Is Jon Kitna Wife’s Ethnicity?

Charles “Chuck” Durrow is Jennifer’s father, although the world is unsure who her mother is. She grew raised with her older brother, Timm Ready, in their city of “Portland, Oregon.” In 1998, her father died. Jennifer cites African ancestry while discussing her ethnicity. Rosemary, her grandmother, a nurse who found that her origins came from the “Tikar Tribe of Cameroon,” passed away in 2013.

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Jon Kitna Father

The name of Jon Kitna’s father is unknown. Regarding Jon Kitna’s father, nothing is known.

Jon Kitna Mother

The mother of Jon Kitna is Unknown. Regarding Jon Kitna’s mother, not much is known.

Professional Career Of Jon Kitna

When Kitna won the NAIA championship, he earned a degree in mathematics education from Central Washington. He began seeking coaching jobs at high schools because he believed his football career was set. Dennis Erickson, the Seattle Seahawks head coach, visited the college to watch his nephew, a receiver for the Central Washington team, during a tryout. Kitna made crucial throws that led to the Seahawks signing him as an undrafted free agent on April 25. He was released on August 19 and joined the practice squad on August 26. He remained there for the rest of the season.


1. Who is Jon Kitna’s mother and father?

Ans. Unknown are Jon Kitna’s parents.

2. Just who is Jon Kitna?

Ans. An American football quarterback is Jon Kitna.

3. Whose name is the wife?

Ans. The name of his wife is Jennifer.

4. When made the couple exchange vows?

Ans. She was wed to the primarily backup former NFL quarterback for an extended period.

5. The couple has how many children?

Ans. Jordan, Jalen, and Jamison are their three kids out of four.

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