Who is Luka Modric Wife? Who are Luka Modric ‘s Parents?

Luka Modric’s spouse Fans of Luka Modric have been looking for information on his wife. You can see Luka Modric’s wife’s name, gender, and age in this article.

Who is Luka Modric Wife?

Many are fans of famous people in various industries, including the film business, sports, modelling, etc. Fans of Luka Modric are also currently looking for his wife. As a result, we could see searches for Luka Modric’s wife and her name. Fans interested in learning more about his height, age, and other details can read this page.

The professional accomplishments of Luka Modric are well known. If Luka Modric is dating anyone or who his wife is, his admirers are pretty curious to find out. Vanja Bosnic is Luka Modric’s wife, according to thesun.co.uk. To get more about Luka Modric’s spouse, Refer to this article for information about Luka Modric’s girlfriend.

Luka Modric Wife Name

Nowadays, people are interested in learning about their favourite celebrities’ relationship status. The list shows that one of the searches was for Luka Modric’s wife, indicating that his fans were curious about his romantic or cohabiting relationships. Vanja Bosnic is Luka Modric’s wife, as was already mentioned. This article would have been helpful for those looking for information on Luka Modric’s wife and those interested in learning more about Luka Modric.

Who are Luka Modric ‘s Parents?

Born on September 9, 1985, Luka Modric is a football player. Since so many people are interested in the personal lives of the superstars they like, Luka Modric’s parents are the subject of most internet searches. Let’s look at Luka Modric’s parents in this article and other information.

Luka Modric’s parents are reportedly Stipe and Rodojka Modric.

Luka Modric Father

Now that Stipe Modric has been identified as Luka Modric’s father, anyone looking for his name will be informed.

Luka Modric Mother

The mother of Luka Modric is Rodojka Modric. About the mother of Luka Modric, not much is known.

Luka Modric
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Luka Modric Biography

We’ve provided Luka Modric’s biography here because many people might need to be more familiar with him. According to celebrity net worth, Luka Modric was born on September 9, 1985, making him 37 years old. According to their celebrity net worth, he plays soccer professionally and is a citizen of Croatia. Luka Modric has amassed a sizable following due to his career’s growth in popularity.

Luka Modric Height and Age

Luka Modric is 1.74 metres tall, according to his bio. The primary consideration when setting goals is age. You may also be interested in learning Luka Modric’s age. There is no question that the saying “age is just a number” is genuine. On September 9, 1985, Luka Modric was born. He’s 37 right now.

Luka Modric Net Worth

Luka Modric has grown in popularity; hence his projected net worth is given here. His net worth is thought to be $75 Million, according to celebrity net price. Vanja Bosnic and Luka Modric are wed, and they enjoy living together.

Croatia’s Luka Modric wins FIFA’s best player of the year award

The Best FIFA Men’s Player award went to Luka Modri this year over Cristiano Ronaldo and Mo Salah because he helped Croatia reach their first-ever FIFA World Cup final. Brazilian captain Marta received the FIFA Best Women’s Player of the Year award.
October 25th, 2018 Present-day events: Luka Modri won The Best FIFA Men’s Player award this year, beating out Mo Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo to represent Croatia in their first-ever FIFA World Cup final.

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