What Episode Does April Almost Die In Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy is well-known for bringing tears to the eyes of its viewers. While This Is Us is making people cry on NBC, Grey’s Anatomy has been murdering its main characters for over a decade. When it was reported that long-running performers Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw would be leaving the show at the end of Season 14, viewers were left wondering how two of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s brightest would go. And Tuesday night’s episode caught viewers off guard, as April Kepner was in yet another precarious position in the hospital. Fortunately, the programmed did not choose to murder her.

Krista Vernoff, who took over Grey’s Anatomy this season after a few years away from the franchise, made the correct decision to keep April alive. Despite how compelling this MacGuffin has been over the years, the series’ penchant for killing off its characters has become a cliche. “Cold As Ice” maintained the high-stakes drama of a near-death experience while allowing April to survive.

So, what happened to April Kepner?

April struggles with her religion in Season 14. She has always been religious, but she comes to believe that there are terrible people in the world who are rewarded more than good people when individuals she thinks to be decent die of causes they should not have died from.
“Cold As Ice” was mainly about a vehicle accident in which April and her ex-fiancee Matthew were involved. While Matthew rapidly recovered, April suffered from severe hypothermia after submerging in frigid water. The story continues as the doctors struggle to save her life, mourn, and hope for their friend’s future. It was a lengthy and emotional episode, with the commercial breaks providing welcome respites from all the tears. Grey handles sadness well, and they delivered with April’s newest fright.

Of course, the episode ended positively, and April was OK. In the process, Jackson essentially befriended God, while the fandom got to celebrate their devotion to the long-running character. Kepner has been on the show for nine seasons and has progressed from an annoying outsider to a beloved family member. We’ve seen her become a skilled surgeon, lose a child, have one with Jackson after a botched emergency surgery, get married and divorced, and pretty much everything else. While it was a heartfelt sendoff, Sarah Drew didn’t have enough time to shine before her character left Seattle. She mainly was lying down.
All will be revealed in conclusion next week. The scenario is Alex and Jo’s wedding, and the episode must contain both April and Arizona’s leaving. With April discovered to have rekindled her feelings for Matthew, smart money predicts they will move together. That, or Arizona, gives her a position in New York’s new hospital.

Why is April returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy?

April is a fan favorite on the show, but there’s no word on why she’d want to return to Grey Sloan. When Sarah Drew first discussed returning to the show, she stated nothing was sure about the plot.

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