Between Us Episode 5 Release Date

Unlike the original 2019 programmed, the new spin-off series focuses only on Win and Team, with the narrative of Dean and Pharm playing in the background. The highly expected spin-off series will concentrate not only on Win and Team’s personal life but also on how the pair discovers their romance that is distinct from Dean and Pharm’s.

Where Can I Watch Between Us: The Series?

The series will be accessible on the YouTube channel Studio Wabi Sabi in Thailand and throughout the globe. The episodes will be released in four parts, as is customary for the BL series on the track.

With a valid membership, the episodes may be seen on the International streaming site IQIYI. The IQIYI episode will be lengthier than the YouTube episode since it will include complete, unedited versions of the NC (18+) sequences.

If you have been watching Until We Meet Again, you may wonder when this new spin-off programme will be available. So, no more wondering!

The Series Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of Between Us will be released internationally on November 27th at 11:45 pm Thailand Time. 12:45 pm ET/PT

The programmed will feature one season of 16 episodes. Each episode of Between Us will be 45 to 50 minutes long. Expect episodes to be released with subtitles as well.

Thai BLs are at an all-time high, but the chemistry between couples keeps viewers on their toes. After appearing in several programmes together, The Thai actors Boun and Prem are becoming one of the most popular side couples in lanterns. Boun and Prem have also appeared in nine series together over the previous three years, including two future projects named ‘Between Us: The Series’ and ‘My Broccoli.’

We’ll be talking about Episode 5 of Between Us. The Team is a talented athlete who has just begun college. In swim competitions, however, he is only sometimes able to execute to the most of his abilities. Swim team elder student Win offers up his bedroom for the Team to stay in after realizing that the problem is not Team’s ability or devotion but relatively his trauma and the trouble it has caused him to relax.

The Team’s performance improves, while feelings between the two younger members blossom in the safety of companionship. However, Team is one of many hampered from moving ahead by issues from his past. Win conflicts by learning how to handle taking love and how to cherish people close to him with additional care.

This story, which takes place simultaneously with “Until We Meet Again,” focuses on how Team and Win come to understand one another and inspire personal growth in one another. Although Thai BLs are currently at an all-time high, the closeness between couples has viewers on edge. Following appearances in various episodes together, Thai artists Prem and Boun have established themselves as one of the most popular supporting pairs in lanterns. Prem and Boun have featured in nine performances over the last three years, including two upcoming projects titled “Between Us: The Series.” Fans first learnt about Prem and Boun’s collaboration when they represented Team and Win in the Thai BL competition, ‘Until We Meet Again,’ in 2019.

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