Who was Sandra Guida? Sandra Guida Cause of Death, Wiki, Age & Net Worth

Musician and visual artist Sandra Guida. She had a career in acting, film, and television. November 22, 2022, saw Sandra’s passing. She has performed in numerous musicals, including Kiss of the Spider Woman, Chicago, Hair, Surprises, The Coming Deluge, Puck – Midsummer Dream, Caravan, Gypsy, Tattoo, Corrupted Tango, Jazz Swing Tap Y pharaoh’s court, and others. One of the First Ladies of the Musical’s figures, Sandra, founded the musical group The Row.

Sandra Guida Cause of Death

On November 22, 2022, Sandra Guida passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the reason for her passing is unknown. The Argentine Association of Actors, which officially announced her death, said”

We say farewell to Sandra Guida, an iconic figure of musical comedy in our nation, with great sadness. She is an actress, singer, and dancer. Her family and friends have our sincere condolences.

Sandra Guida Age

Sandra Guida was born in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, on July 16, 1962. She believes in the Christian religion and has an unknown zodiac sign. She is an Argentine citizen.

Sandra Guida Parents

The names of Sandra Guida’s mother and father are not known. The occupations of her parents are unclear. The parents and family of Sandra Guida are not well known to us.

Sandra Guida
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Sandra Guida International artist

Sandra Guida has worked extensively in Europe. In Italy -in 2009- you went on tour with the comedy nice Shelby Alfredo Arias. And almost simultaneously, he performed in Paris with another opera by Arias, divine love, next to Marilu MariniY Alessandra Radanoand either way, with great reviews.

When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of working remotely, Guida made the following point with clarity: “It’s very enriching; every trip feeds you, changes you, and you start to understand other things because living in a place is not the same as visiting for a few days. France serves as an intellectual benchmark for Argentines. We seem to have a French mind and an Italian heart. Because of this, success there is possible.

According to Guida, “the French public is enormous and quite demanding. They can jeer you for ten minutes if they don’t like it.

But he said with joy, “Fortunately, we’ve had fantastic evaluations praising the Argentinian. We have sung in English and Italian and performed it in French. Due to Alfredo Arias’ almost musically inclined productions, it was more complex. He is an undiscovered genius in Argentina.

Fortunately, Alfredo, Maril, and Alejandra already feel like family to me since I miss them after three months when I’m gone for so long. I’m done after that.

From Buenos Aires to the world

Sandra spent her early years in Buenos Aires, alternating between the Lomas de Zamora and Lans neighbourhoods after being born in the Caballito neighbourhood. Although she entered the music industry at 16, musical comedy was his true love.

On her paediatrician’s advice, she started taking dance lessons at age 3, and at age 11, she joined the Teatro Colón.

“The singers I imitated as a child served as my teachers: dramatic opera singer Joan Sutherland and Ornella Vanoni. In a previous conversation with Clarion, he claimed he had been copied in Hoffman’s Talespronunciation and phonetics.

Augusto Fernandes taught him theatre before joining the musical and offered him “the key to evaluating a text and comprehending its purposes.”

“With the help of Fernandes, I realised that a song is a monologue. And this helped me see that, even if the music in the musical serves a specific purpose, it is also a text intended for a stage play, said Guida.

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