Who are Sophie Adenot Parents?

She is an officer in the French Air Force and the country’s first woman to fly an experimental helicopter. She enrolled in Salon-de-Provence’s Ecole de la Aire in 2005. As of 2019, she has been employed by the Flight Test Center of the French Defense Procurement Agency.

She worked on the H225 cockpit in the design office at Airbus Helicopters as her first job after graduating from SUPAERO and MIT, where she studied aeronautics and astronautics. A year later, She applied to the French Air Force and stated she was interested in becoming a helicopter pilot.

She has been chosen to join the European Space Agency’s astronaut corps in November 2022.

Who are Sophie Adenot’s Parents?

Sophie Adenot, a female test pilot for helicopters, was born on July 5, 1982. Because so many people are interested in the private lives of their favourite celebrities, Sophie Adenot’s Parents are the most searched topic online. Let’s look at Sophie Adenot’s parents in this post, along with other information.

Sophie Adenot Father

Unknown is the name of Sophie Adenot’s father. Regarding Sophie Adenot’s father, nothing is known.

Sophie Adenot Mother

Unknown is the name of Sophie Adenot’s mother. Regarding Sophie Adenot’s mother, not much is known.

Sophie Adenot Biography

She is an officer in the French Air Force and the country’s first woman to fly an experimental helicopter. In 2004, Sophie earned her master’s degree. The following year, she spent a year working at Airbus Helicopters in Marignane, France, as a helicopter cockpit design research engineer.

Sophie Adenot
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Between 2008 and 2012, she was a search and rescue pilot at Cazeaux Air Base, where she flew numerous rescue missions across challenging terrain and the desert. In Vilecoble, she subsequently enlisted in the High Authority Transport Squadron, working from 2012 until 2017 as a Formation Flight Leader and Mission Captain.

Sophie worked as a helicopter experimental test pilot for the DGA at the Cazaux Flight Test Center from 2019 to 2022. She has logged 3000 hours in the air and has piloted 22 different types of helicopters. She is also an authorised glider, light aircraft, and military paratrooper pilot.

Sophie received the Medal of the French National Assembly in 2021 and
the French National Order of Merit (Chevalier) in 2022 to recognise her work as an exemplary advocate for gender equality in research. The French American Foundation recognised her as a young leader. 2020.


1. Is Sophie Adenot wed?

Ans.  About her marriage, we do not have any information.

2. What is Sophie Adenot’s name?

Ans. She is a helicopter pilot, engineer, and astronaut for Europe.

3. Who is Sophie Adenot’s husband’s name?

Ans. There is no information available about her husband.

4. What are the Sophie Adenot Daughters’ names?

Ans. There is no information available about her daughter.

5. How old is Sophie Adenot?

Ans. Her age is forty.

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