Who is Hirving Lozano Wife? Find Out Everything About Him

People are looking for information on Hirving Lozano’s Net Worth in 2022. As a result, we’ve updated Hirving Lozano’s page with information about his age, height, and net worth as of 2022. A football player from Mexico named Hirving Lozano.

Who is Hirving Lozano?

A footballer from Mexico, Hirving Lozano, is well-known. Born on July 30, 1995, Hirving Lozano. Hirving Lozano’s Net Worth is a popular topic of discussion. The information has thus been updated here. Some people are interested in learning about the biographies of the celebrities they admire. People are currently looking up Hirving Lozano’s net worth, as well. It is possible to find out Hirving Lozano’s net worth online. For more information, let’s explore in depth.

Hirving Lozano Wife

Ana Obregon is the name of Hirving Lozano’s wife. His childhood sweetheart is Ana Obregon. Hirving and Ana have been wed since 2014. While playing for Pachuca, Hirving Lozano met his wife. A girl was born in 2014, and a son was born in 2017. The couple is the parents of two kids.


Everyone is interested in the relationships and love life of Hirving Lozano. But the friendship between Hirving Lozano and myself is still strong.
Recent sources assert that Hirving Lozano and his partner have no conflicts or problems, which is fantastic news. Hirving Lozano still feels a strong passion and mutual respect for their partner.

Hirving Lozano Age

On July 30, 1995, Hirving Lozano was born. Hirving Lozano is, therefore, 27 years old. As a football player from Mexico, Hirving Lozano is highly known.

Hirving Lozano Height

Football player Hirving Lozano, born on July 30, 1995, is well-known in Mexico. Hirving Lozano has a respectable income from his career. Regarding height, Hirving Lozano measures 176 cm and weighs 70 kg.

Hirving Lozano Net Worth

Hirving Lozano is extraordinarily well-liked and prosperous. If you’re one of those looking for Hirving Lozano’s Net Worth, here it is. Hirving Lozano’s net worth is reportedly $10 million, according to surprise sports.

Hirving Lozano Social Media

Since a few weeks ago, Hirving Lozano has gained much attention in addition to a sizable social media following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with thousands of devoted fans.


1. Who is Hirving Lozano?

Ans. Mexico’s Hirving Lozano is a well-known football player. Hirving Lozano was born on July 30, 1995, and is currently 27 years old.

2. What is Hirving Lozano Net Worth?

Ans. Mexican football player Hirving Lozano has a $10 million fortune. On July 30, 1995, Hirving Lozano was born.

3. What is Hirving Lozano’s weight?

Ans. Hirving Lozano, a successful football player from Mexico, weighs 70 kg. From the aforementioned article, learn more about Hirving Lozano.

4. How tall is Hirving Lozano?

Ans. A football player from Mexico named Hirving Lozano is 176 cm tall.

5. How old is Hirving Lozano?

Ans. The birthdate of Hirving Lozano is July 30, 1995. The age of Hirving Lozano is 27.
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