Who is Kayla Morton married? Information about his husband and net worth.

An American professional drag racer and media personality, Kayla Morton. Together with her father, a former racer, she spent her early years surrounded by automobiles. Kayla turned her love of cars into a business.

After being chosen for the Disney Channel series Street Outlaws, Kayla started appearing on television.

Kayla Morton is she married?

Chris Hamilton, aka Boosted GT, and Kayla Morton are dating. The devoted couple, who have been together for many years, first connected over their love of vehicles and racing.

Stanley and Cooper are the couple’s two kids. Kayla and Chris. They want to introduce racing to their kids so they may pass this tradition down through their families.

Like Kayla, Chris Hamilton is a Street Outlaws actor who got into racing thanks to his father. He posts updates and pictures from the most recent races on his Instagram.

Does Kayla Morton have a husband?

Chris Hamilton, commonly known as Boosted GT, is a romantic partner of Kayla Morton. The long-term couple first connected over their shared love of cars and racing. They have been together for many years.

Chris Hamilton, a Street Outlaws co-star, was inspired to start racing by his father, just like Kayla Morton.

Kayla Morton has how many children?

Austin and Cooper are the twins of Kayla Morton and Chris Hamilton. They both wish to introduce racing to their offspring to carry on this tradition throughout their families.

Kayla Morton Age

The United States of America’s state of Oklahoma is where Kayla Morton was born on February 27, 1987. Kayla is an American citizen.

Kayla Morton Father

Her father, Stanley, a mechanic and former racer gave birth to Kayla. There is currently no information on her father, but we will update it shortly.

Kayla Morton’s Net Worth

Currently, it’s estimated that Kayla’s net worth is less than $1 million.

Kayla Morton’s Husband

Due to their involvement in the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws reality series, Chris Hamilton and Kayla have gained notoriety.

Hamilton’s father also competed in street racing from the 1960s until the 1980s.

Kayla Morton on Instagram

The mother, racer, wife, and daughter of Kayla are all very proud of her. In her social media posts, she discusses every facet of her life.

With 91.5k followers and 198 posts as of right now on Instagram, the Street Outlaws star is well-liked. Fans of her racing career make up the majority of her supporters.

In honour of her victory in Black Sheep Mafia, Kayla posted a picture yesterday. On her post, Morton’s fans left supportive comments. Glad to see you as a member of a group that functions as a large family, one user wrote.


1. What does BoostedGT do for a living?

Ans. Chris is a proud father who adores every aspect of being a father. Additionally, Chris is a military contractor.

2. What does Kayla Morton do for a living?

Ans. Building motors is Kayla’s line of work, which she transformed into a passion. In search of an automobile for “her peoples,” she showed up at Big Chief and Murder Nova’s doorway. The Midwest Streetcars team was aware that something was amiss.

3. Where is boosted GT now?

Ans. BoostedGT, a veteran of the 405 team, is currently making an attempt to climb the No Prep leaderboard. In a race against OKC in Texas, he began his Street Outlaws career. As soon as Boosted moved to Oklahoma and began his battle for a spot on the list, he quickly realised that this was the team he wanted to play for.

4. What is boosted GT net worth?

Ans. Boosted from Street Outlaws’ net worth remains stable at around $300,000 following his partnership with Team Z Motorsports.
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