Who is Gleb Savchenko Wife? Information about his Career and Net Worth.

Russian dancer, choreographer, and model Gleb Savchenko are single or married. His appearance on the reality competition Dancing with the Stars made him renowned. In the US version of Dancing With the Stars, Shangela is Gleb’s current dance partner.

He appeared on the show’s most recent episode as Natasha and was decked out in a sparkling bodysuit, a blonde wig, and shoes. Excited supporters of him are searching the web for an answer to the query, “Is Gleb Savchenko married?” To learn more about Gleb Savchenko and to find out if he is married, read this article.

Does Gleb Savchenko have a wife?

Gleb Savchenko’s marital status can be determined here if you’re curious. In July 2006, he wed his dance partner Elena Samodanova. Zlata and Olivia are the couple’s two daughters. Elena has won numerous accolades for her work as a choreographer, dancer, and reality show judge. She also mentored a lot of dancers. Strictly Come Dancing in the UK and Dancing With The Stars featured her helping Gleb out.

Is DWTS contestant Gleb Savchenko still married?

The fourteen-year marriage of Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova was a happy one. Elena and Gleb parted ways on November 7, 2020, as he revealed on Instagram. Their relationship was mentally abusive, according to Gleb, and they had issues for years. His rejection from 2013 Dancing With the Stars audition was attributed to Elena’s jealousy. He only put up with her for their offspring. After divorcing in October 2021, they officially ended their marriage in 2020.

Gleb Savchenko Age

Moscow, Russia, was the birthplace of Gleb Savchenko on September 16, 1983. Gleb is 39 years old as of the date of his birth.

Gleb Savchenko Height

Gleb Savchenko has a height of 185 cm, or around 6 feet 1 inch. No websites list his weight or other physical characteristics.

Gleb Savchenko Career

Russian-born Gleb Savchenko began dancing at the age of seven. He was born in Moscow. When he was 14 years old, he took home his first professional international title.

Ballet and contemporary dance are two dance genres that Savchenko specialises in. After winning four significant dance competitions in Australia, Gleb is the country’s professional Latin American champion.

He entered the top 10 professional dancers in the world for Latin American dance, which helped his dancing advance even further.

Gleb Savchenko Net Worth

Dancer, choreographer, and model Gleb Savchenko are one of many talents. Dancing With The Stars is a reality competition in which he has competed. He participated in the shows broadcast in the US, the UK, Russia, and Australia. Gleb Savchenko’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $1.5 Million, according to the website marriedbiography.com.

Gleb Savchenko Instagram

The official Gleb Savchenko Instagram account is @glebsavchenkoofficial. April 2012 saw his Instagram debut. He posted 2,093 times on Instagram during his active period. Three hundred ninety-six thousand Instagram users follow his page on the social media platform.


1. Who is Gleb Savchenko?

Ans. Dancer, choreographer, and model Gleb Savchenko is from Russia.

2. Who was Gleb Savchenko’s wife?

Ans. Elena Samodanova was the spouse of Gleb Savchenko.

3. What is the famous show of Gleb Savchenko?

Ans. Dancing With The Stars is the show that made Gleb Savchenko famous.

4. What is Gleb Savchenko’s age?

Ans. The age of Gleb Savchenko is 39.

5. When did Gleb Savchenko start dancing?

Ans. When he was seven years old, he began dancing.
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