How Did Ki Joko Bodo Die? Joko Bodo Cause Of Death

At age 57, actor and former psychic Ki Joko Bodo passed away. Check out his situation and Ki Joko Bodo’s cause of death in more detail.

What happened to Ki Joko Bodo?

Ki Joko Bodo reportedly passed away at 47 today, Tuesday (22/11). Ayda Prasasti, Ki Joko Bodo’s daughter, argues that this information is accurate.

According to Ayda’s quote from Hot Moments on Tuesday, November 22, “Yes (actually, died),” The person who used to go by the name Agus Yulianto is considered paranormal.

He is known to have stopped working in the field in 2019 and decided to move.

Ki Joko Bodo cause of death

Sasti stressed at the same time that the illness brought on his father’s death. He had previously experienced hypertension or high blood pressure.

Even Ki Joko Bodo is to visit the doctor on Thursday, 11/24, for a checkup. Fate, however, had other plans. “My blood pressure is elevated. Sasti added, “My father left early, even though he has a control plan for Thursday (tomorrow).

Who was Ki Joko Bodo?

As the only shaman in the world who has successfully used fire to perform black magic from Jakarta’s Wongsinting Castle, Ki Joko Bodo hails from Indonesia. Between 1945 and 1984, he was forced to divide the Ketik REG Spasi MANTRA into two spells.


In the religious practice of shamanism, a shaman induces altered states of consciousness, such as trance, to communicate with what they believe to be a spirit world.

This usually aims to channel spirits or spiritual energies into the material world for the benefit of healing, divination, or other ways to help people.

Ki Jodo Bodo Early Life

He wasn’t born naturally; he was the product of a Dr Poch experiment, 82.091.731.378.426.248, which had already generated clay pieces mixed with chemicals and bacon, pasted fur strands, and artificial eyes. The investigation was a total dud.

The laboratory exploded with a radius of 876 723 cubic metres due to a rope fire he ignited afterwards. Up to 8409 kilometres in altitude, clay particles may be found moving at a speed of 6907 km/h.

When a problem arose during Rhoma Irama’s battle with Barney, Pikachu offered assistance. This continued until one of their positions related to the chunk vanished, and they moved to the dimensions of the 15th, where the piece finally exploded into a handmade baby.

The Gendang Dynasty was the only one to have existed there before 2,6 million years ago; it later built hermitages and spawned from mineshafts to produce its descendants.

As Ki Joko Gendang, he now goes by that name (in early). Sadly, he killed most of his youngest son, Bayu Gendang, in a fit of wrath after putting oil and nails in his Nasi Goreng.

Ki Gendheng Pamungkas is combating a The Sims trick that returns it to reality via Facebook so that it won’t be joined at the Bayu for Disappearing. Then, after remembering that the level was too nasty, Ki Joko was called stupid.

Ki Joko Bodo acting career

Despite going by the alias Ki Joko Bodo, Agus Yulianto was the man’s real name when he was born in Singaraja, Bali, in 1964. Agus has been exposed to a wide range of natural and applied sciences since childhood.

Afterwards, he started to look into careers in science. Until that point, he went by the name Ki Joko Bodo and became well-known for handling various issues, including those involving destiny, the economy, and business.

After the decade of the 2010s, Ki Joko Bodo gradually lost favour in the entertainment industry. He left the paranormal world in 2013 to relocate, but he returned to the public eye in 2014.

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