Tru or Die Chiraq System Requirements and Release date

Chicago, Ill. Posted on March 14, 2021, A trailer for the impatiently foresee video game “Tru Or Die: Chiraq” by Chicago rapper Tru Hunnit was recently published. The multi-talented thespian is A Tru Or Die Inc.’s owner. The media firm has achieved impressive achievements in the music sector. Tru Hunnit, the CEO, decided to progress into a new province of entertainment. “Tru Or Die: Chiraq” was made thanks to a collaboration with The Shade Game Dev.

According to the company’s website, the game is a third-person video game set in Chiraq, a position on the south side of Chicago. You control a mischievous college basketball player Tru Hunnit, born and raised in the Wild 100s in 2012.

A Brief about Tru or Die RPG Game 

Tru or Die RPG Game

One of the most favourite game genres is action role-playing games. The gospel that action RPGs are one of the oldest video game genres also increased with several improvements in gameplay and visuals. Dragon Slayer by Falcom is the original game in this category. Since then, other well-known action RPG video game franchises, like Grand Theft Auto and Witcher, have emerged. Thus, Tru or Die, a new video game by Truhunnit, will soon be available for RPG enthusiasts to play.

In addition, the rapper hasn’t mentioned the action RPG game in a while. Fans have impatiently foresaw the debut of Tru or Die Chiraq ever since.

What is the expected Tru or Die Release Date?

Tru or Die Release Date

The game’s release date was at starting publicized by the Chicago-based rapper Tru Hunnit. Tru or Die Chiraq’s debut date has been postponed to May 16, 2022. However, this action role-playing video game was at starting just developed by one person. The delay in the game’s release is a result. Further, Tru Hunnit divulged on the official Instagram handle for his game that they recently collaborated with a tiny firm to expedite the project. 

None of the major video game studios, like Rockstar or Ubisoft, support the game. Tru Hunnit, on the other hand, paid for the game’s development out of his pocket. They teamed up with a tiny studio to reduce their monthly server costs. So they have money to spend on game development. Further rumours suggest that the multiplayer option may not be available to players till later in the game’s starting few months after release.

Are Pre Orders for Tru or Die game available now?

Pre Orders for Tru or Die game

The game, published for laptops in December 2021 and Xbox and PlayStation in early 2022, is today up for pre-order. While gamers loves the game’s realism, “Tru Or Die: Chiraq” also gives a fantastic platform for companies interested in branding and buzz. Only a few billboards will be present, clothing stores, posters, and story characters in the open-world city of Iraq. If you’ve ever desired to be in a video game as you, your business, or your brand. You now have probability, as per the company’s website.

Additionally, musicians can add their songs to video game soundtracks based on the firm. “Music can be heard while on missions and in moving vehicles. Additionally, some areas in the city will have the radio playing.

How Should We Prepare For The Upcoming Action RPG?

The Upcoming Action RPG

The action role-playing game is sited in Chicago’s southern side of Chiraq. Both single-player and multiplayer modes will be included in the game. There will be a storyline mode in the single-player. The plot will axis on Tru Hunnit, a budding collegiate basketball star, who gets involved in some shady business following the increase in violence in Chicago’s southern suburbs. The story mode is still being worked on, though. Even after Tru or Die’s original release, the game may not include the story mode for a while.

Players will once more be in the city of Chiraq in the game’s multiplayer mode. There, students would have a variety of professional alternatives, including joining a gang or becoming police officers. In the online multiplayer version of Tru or Die, they could also live like regular citizens. Besides, gamers will be able to become successful rappers like the man who conceptualized the entire video game idea, Tru Hunnit. To get in-game currency, gamers can trade narcotics, weapons, and other players.


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