Interesting Facts About Elena from The Vampire Diaries, Who Does Elena End Up With?

Elena Gilbert’s bond with Damon Salvatore was cemented after eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries – that’s why he, instead of Stefan, was her final decision. The spooky drama was created by Kevin Williamson with Julie Plec and was modelled on L.J. Smith’s bestselling novel book series with the same name. The Vampire Diaries featured Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, who was originally human. The show’s latest season functioned as Elena’s starting-to-come story, with the protagonist being introduced to the world’s various legendary aspects and a tumultuous romantic triangle involving ageless vampires Stefan & Damon Salvatore. Despite being discussed frequently, Elena and Damon have yet to appear in the current Vampire Diaries prequel series, Legacies. The show also has an open door policy since prior TVD characters have made occasional appearances. While Legacies focus mainly on Hope Mikaelson and her quest to become a tribrid, all aspects from Either the Vampire Diaries are nevertheless present in the Salvatore Boarding School again for Young and Gifted, featuring Damon and Elena’s romantic comedy. 

Elena and Damon from The Vampire Diaries Were Already Meant To Be

Elena and Damon from The Vampire Diaries

Stefan, represented by Paul Wesley, entered Elena’s life by protecting her from a car accident. Elena and Stefan began a romantic relationship after instantly bonding, despite a few hiccups in the path. Elena and Stefan were the principal couplings of The Vampire Diaries during seasons 1 and 2. Damon’s affection for Elena grew throughout those same episodes, but he kept them hidden. Similarly, Elena fluctuated between dismissing and tolerating Damon with his crush initially. The changes started when Stefan switched off his humanity and left town alongside Klaus Mikaelson.

Even though she was constantly looking for him, Elena & Damon began interacting more together and grew closer. Both of them, though, remained steadfast in their commitment to Stefan. Damon persisted in his efforts to reconcile them, despite sacrificing his pleasure. By the end of season three of The Vampire Diaries, Elena realized that she had emotions for Damon but eventually agreed to remain with Stefan.

Elena and Damon’s Activities Throughout Legacies

Elena and Damon's Activities

Damon and Elena are referenced multiple times in Legacies, most notably by Josie Saltzman. In Legacies season 3, episode 9, she informs Ric that she has been residing with Damon and Elena and welcomes him to their apartment. Whereas the pair has yet to be seen on the show, a little information about their personal lives can be gleaned from the spinoff. Elena appears to be happy and healthy, and she works as a doctor in Mystic Falls. Nowadays, she and Damon are married, and their daughter, Stephanie Salvatore, is a Mystic Falls High School student. It’s a suitable and beautiful ending for The Vampire Diaries couple. 

Who does Elena eventually end up with?

Who does Elena eventually end up with

The show ended with Elena reconnecting with Damon, ending the lurking concerns of who Elena eventually wound up with. They eventually married and had a beautiful life together. After medical school, the two reunited in Mystic Falls. Elena appears to have made solace inside her death after having a fulfilling life since she was also reconciled with aunt Jenna, her parents, & uncle John. Damon also receives a meaningful hug from his brother Stefan. Stefan undertakes a significant sacrifice by extracting the vampire cure from his blood and injecting it into Damon. With it, he develops into a human, while Stefan ages more rapidly.

Damon remembers Patches Polluted Elena’s Water.

Damon remembers Patches Polluted Elena's Water.

Another advantageous side effect of transformation is the undoing of old compulsions. Elena had access to all of the times Damon erased her memories due to her change into a vampire. These were usually when Damon aired his actual feelings, getting them off his chest before erasing them from her thoughts. It also allowed Elena to see Damon Salvatore’s often-unnoticed selfless side. Furthermore, Elena noted in The Vampire Diaries season 3 that things may have been different if she had encountered Damon first. The return of Elena’s lost memories also revealed to her that she’d met and been enchanted by Damon before meeting Stefan. This concept would be revisited in Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries. Elena had all recollections of ever loved Damon erased after he appeared to have died.

As a consequence, she despised him vehemently. Elena’s memories were restored when she became human again. The scene was a microcosm of our entire journey through the seasons. She could make a better-informed decision with complete understanding (and memories) of all that had happened over the years, combined with her intense anxiety. Elena realized that “even in mortality, Damon was the one who made her feel most alive,” and it became evident that Damon was the perfect match for her after all – not once, but twice. 


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