All About Tyler the Creator: Who is Tyler the Creator Dating?

Jaden Smith’s shocking declaration that Tyler, the Creator, the 26-year-old rapper who founded the festival, was his long-term boyfriend startled concertgoers at the sixth annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival in Los Angeles. Smith, 20, has never previously made definite declarations about his sexuality in public. In a series of videos followers posted on social media, Smith declared that Tyler, the Creator is the best buddy in the entire world and that he loves him “so f—ing much.” Despite reports that the passionate statement was just Smith’s “trolling,” he looked keen to persuade the crowd that the two were dating.

Who is Tyler the Creator?

Who is Tyler the Creator

Six albums have been released by rapper Tyler the Creator. In the 2020 comedy-drama series Kidding from the Showtime network, he also works as an actor; you can see his work there. Tyler is a thirty-year-old native of Ladera Heights in the beautiful Ladera Heights, California, and goes by the name Tyler Gregory Okonma. And he’s all California because the “work hard, hustle harder” mentality that defines yet another rapper is perfectly exemplified by his life in LaLa Land. That being said, this rapper enjoys using phrases that the gay community views negatively when he is in a committed relationship with a person of the same sex. The following section has more information on this debate.

Tyler the Creator’s dating history

Tyler the Creator's dating history

Tyler, the Creator, has advanced considerably as a multi-hyphenate creative force with more than ten years in the spotlight. Tyler has demonstrated that he is here to stay in various mediums, including his music, his famous clothing brand, commercial sponsorships, television appearances, and many other venues. Even though Tyler is well-known due to his charismatic public presence, his dating history appears to have received little attention. But there will be some scrutiny because the rapper has long been the subject of sexism allegations. 

Tyler the Creator has faced various speculations about his sexuality 

Tyler the Creator about his sexuality

His dating past is the one area of his life that Tyler has done the best job of keeping very discreet. Although the “Lumberjack” rapper has never once made a relationship with a specific person public, there have been numerous rumours that Tyler isn’t straight, with fans citing lyrical support for their beliefs.

Tyler, for instance, raps that he has been “kissing white males since 2004” in the song “I Ain’t Got Time” off the highly regarded Flower Boy album. Fans worldwide have been led to assume that Tyler is everything but straight by anything from his long-standing fondness for Leonardo DiCaprio to tweets with Kendall Jenner when he outright declared he is gay.

Who is Tyler the Creator dated?

Who is Tyler the Creator dated

Despite Tyler’s denial of his “homophobia,” Jaden Smith, an actor and musician has been his romantic partner since 2018. While performing at the 2018 Flog Gnaw Carnival festival in Los Angeles, Jaden had no qualms about revealing Tyler as his romantic partner. Jaden nonetheless proclaimed Tyler the Creator to be his boyfriend and romantic interest with no hesitation. And the reason why is that he tweeted about it. But in all of this, the crucial question is: What does Tyler think about it?

Jaden Smith is well-known in the entertainment fashion news for his innovative outfit choices, even though he never discusses his sexual preferences. In this way, whenever the media brings up this subject, Jaden immediately brushes it off and shifts the conversation to something else. He has no interest. Returning to the question, Who Will Tyler The Creator Date in 2021? The romantic life of this Creator and entertainer doesn’t receive the attention it merits. 

Tyler the Creator’s Previous Connections

Tyler the Creator's Previous Connections

While the well-renowned public persona of this 30-year-old rapper from California focuses on his artistic abilities. Not so much, though, in his personal life. Tyler’s lyrics, some of which are offensive to gays, and his sexuality have drawn controversy, which has kept his sexual preferences in the public eye. All of this occurs at a time when the public views the things celebrities do and the people they sleep in the bedroom as being quite significant.

Additionally, Tyler is attributed with declaring that he is gay by the cosmopolitan press, which keeps track of every word the artist says. And that Leonardo Di Caprio from Titanic and Cole Sprouse from Riverdale are among his turn-ons. As previously mentioned, Tyler enjoys the influence and attention that the media brings to his works, hustles, and exploits. He wants his intimate life—whether it be gay or whatever else he chooses to call it—to be kept a secret.


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