How did babyface.s die in Wilmington’s Southbridge?

Following unsubstantiated reports that the well-known American dance content producer on TikTok died at the young age of 18, users of social media, particularly those on TikTok, are curious about how BabyFace Swavy died. TikTok Babyface.s, also known as Swavy, was allegedly slain in a shooting in Wilmington’s Southbridge, according to many posts on various social media networks. An official source has not yet confirmed the devastating news. The incident happened on Monday, July 5, 2021, close to the 700 block of Elbert Place.

Babyface.s TikToker, whose actual name is Matima Miller, was born on December 26, 2002, in Wilmington, Delaware, the United States. The young celebrity boy’s 2.3 million fans will remember him for his brief dancing videos and reactions to numerous tweets on humorous videos. The well-known Swavy joined numerous dance fads while working with other artists and famous people. Due to the many freebies that BabyFace.s Swavy held for his followers, most of his videos have more than a million views.

How did Babyface.s die? Is he killed?

How did Babyface.s die

Nevertheless, Matima Miller’s friend Damaury responded to the fans’ frequent query, “How Did BabyFace Swavy die?” in a Video on youtube entitled “Rest up, Bro.” Babyface.s Swavy’s brother, Stackupquan, a popular Tiktoker, has not yet responded to the news. He got murdered, and I just wanted to let you all know I’m just about to take over for this n****a, said Instagram user and social media influencer Damaury Mikula. He only produced videos, my brother. He is adamantly true.

After that, Damaury continued, “I just sent him everything on Instagram before this. Perhaps just before it took place, this morning, it took place. Destiny also announced BabyFace Swavy’s passing on her Instagram stories, writing, “I love you sm to the moon and back.” I require a hug from you again; she wrote a video of them together that she also posted.

Even though the Police did not corroborate BabyFace Swavy’s death report, he claimed that a 19-year-old man was killed and taken to the hospital, where he passed away.

What have people said about Babyface.s death?

about Babyface.s death

People from all around the world traveled to attend his funeral. First, his family conducted a balloon release for their son using his Instagram. They had requested that supporters show up at Joe Perkin’s Playground in Southbridge with blue and silver balloons. As they will be patrolling the neighborhood, the Police will handle the occurrence. A GoFundMe campaign has also been launched for Matima Miller Memorial Home addition to this. The money raised will cover all costs associated with Swavy’s passing.

Rip Swavy

I don’t even know you, but I am sad that this happened to you. I know that by making people smile, you improve their lives. Even to think that this is happening,

Police in Wilmington identified swavy as the victim of the shooting

Police in Wilmington identified swavy as the victim of the shooting

Matima Miller, a TikTok celebrity praised by millions of fans for his dance skills, passed away at 19. Miller, also known online as Swavy and Babyface.s, has been confirmed by Wilmington, Delaware Police as the deceased of a shooting that took place on Monday (July 5).

Officials in Wilmington, Delaware, earlier disclosed that they were looking into a fatal gunshot that had happened at Elbert Place at 10:42 am. At the time, Police reported finding a 19-year-old male shooting victim, later revealed as Miller, who was taken to a hospital where he passed away due to his wounds. On TikTok, where he frequently shared dance videos and other trending content, Miller had 2.5 million followers.

Fans and family members have paid tribute to Miller in response to the news of his passing. According to a Tuesday update from the Wilmington Police Department, the incident from Monday is still being investigated. On behalf of Miller’s family, a Go Fund Me campaign was created, and so far, more than $13,000 has been collected.

Babyface Swavy Personal Details

Babyface Swavy Personal Details

Swavy initially arrived on TikTok in 2020, and after dancing to a sound created by the well-known YvnggPrince in a video with more than 180K views, he quickly gained a following.

He frequently posted selfies on Instagram and interacted in the comments with followers. Matima Miller was his actual name. Stackupquan, his brother, also rose to fame as a TikTok. He danced on TikTok to a song made famous by YvnggPrince. His age was 18 when he was shot dead. A Twitter user claimed that Babyface recently recovered from Covid-19.

The final Swavy TikTok video was posted on Sunday, July 4, 2021. Fans and friends wish the news of his passing was false on the comment thread. Which one, if any, would you rank as your number one preference on a scale of 1 to 10? The caption stated, “… #Fyp. Additionally, the young star moved on to sign brand contracts and work as a company’s brand spokesperson.


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