Brucedropemoff Girlfriend and Dating Life

Twitch steamer Bruce Ray Condones, often known online as BruceDropEmOff, is well-known in the community. He has made progress in building a reputation as a video game streamer. Additionally, he has a sizable fan base across all social media sites, including Instagram and Youtube. The streamer has also collaborated with well-known figures like Soulja Boy. Even though he frequently streams with his partner, some of his fans are still in the dark about her. Please read through to the end for details on each of them.

On the list of Twitch users who are most talked about is BruceDropEmOff, who is well known for his streams. The YouTube gamer has approximately 500,000 subscribers and is an expert at many other games, including Minecraft. The duo was respected for playing the same game together. Therefore, tell us about her and when BruceDropEmOff first started dating her.

Brucedropemoff Age and Net worth

Brucedropemoff Age and Net worth

As of 2022, Brucedropemoff will be 22 years old, and his net worth is thought to be approximately $10,000. Bruce Ray Condones the real identity of brucedropemoff. In Riverdale, Georgia, he was born on September 23, 2000. Bruce and his girlfriend met while attending the same high school and soon began dating. The same age as Bruce is anticipated for Dana as well.

Bruce is active both on Twitch and Youtube. About 327,000 people subscribe to his channel and have worked with other streamers and well-known people. His fame increased after he invited Soulja Boy to play Among Us in his stream during the pandemic lockdown time. Since Bruce’s twitch account was first created in 2015, it has experienced rapid growth. He had only been involved in the Youtube scene before that.

What does Brucedropemoff do?


On Twitch, Bruce frequently broadcasts gaming videos. He can also be seen performing Among us in a video that was published in September 2020. Bruce has a career in gaming, in addition to hosting a podcast in the form of a battle royale. On his Twitch account, Bruce can be seen playing games like Fall Guy: Ultimate Knockout, GTA, and Minecraft with his fiancée. He has participated in gaming exhibitions in addition to playing video games, which has increased his popularity. In his YouTube career, BruceDropEmOff has worked with many well-known people. For instance, he worked with Soulja Boy to create the song “Among Us” during the pandemic. In March 2022, he had just started working as a content creator for the streaming esports organization OTK.

Who is Brucedropemoff’s Girlfriend?

Brucedropemoff Girlfriend

Brucecdropemoff frequently displays his girlfriend in his streams and videos. Dana is her name. Regarding his relationship with his girlfriend, Bruce is very transparent. They first got close in high school. Sometimes, they might be observed streaming together. Dana seems to be Asian based on appearance. However, her last name is still a mystery. She has a @trulydana account on Instagram, although it is not very active.

She barely has 35 posts and roughly 10,000 followers. Bruce’s Instagram handle is @raycondones. On the networks, he has more than 150,000 followers. On Instagram, Bruce frequently shares pictures of himself and Dana, expressing his uttermost affection for her. Many people adored the couple’s webcast of them playing Minecraft together. Bruce’s Instagram photos reveal that he is a major David Bowie enthusiast. However, he also posts other content, so we cannot be entirely sure of that.

What is Brucedropemoff’s current relationship status?

Brucedropemoff's current relationship status

Presently, BruceDropEmOff is involved in a relationship. A girl named Dana is his girlfriend. DEO is her nickname. In 2020, Bruce and Dana began dating. They initially showed up on his social media page.

Additionally, he posted a photo of her from Christmas and identified her as DEO in the caption. In September 2020, he disclosed Dana for the first time. Dana was the subject of the second post in 2021, where he said she had fallen from heaven and been imprisoned in hell. They appear to enjoy their romantic connection.

They made a beautiful post by holding hands and making the love sign. Bruce is primarily on Instagram as @raycondones and has amassed around 220k followers. He had posted only two posts regarding his girlfriend on that social media platform. Dana, on the other hand, has encouraged keeping a quiet profile and preserved her colonial splendor. She is not using any social media platform. So finding information on Dana is not exactly easy. Bruce is candid about his relationship on his Twitch and YouTube channels, and the two frequently stream together.


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