Who Is Michael B. Jordan’s Brother? Is Khalid Jordan A Tiktoker?

Jordan has two younger siblings. Jamila Jordan, sister, and Khalid Jordan, brother. The media has received little data regarding Khalid Jordan. So here is what we do know. Khalid is a Link Education partners alumnus from the 2006 class. After graduating from Link, he began his first year with the Science Park High School. He eventually went to and graduated from Arts High School. Following in his family’s footsteps, he pursued and specialized in Television Production. Khalid sometimes used to play football for Malcolm X. Shabazz High School, which ultimately led to him receiving an athletic contract to college football attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. During his time at Howard, he worked for Sesame Workshop, BET (DC and NY), and several other Viacom firms. He returned to California after graduating from Howard to participate in the entertainment industry. So he began his journey in the mailroom with William Morris Endeavor, a production company. He worked at the Television Literary & Technical Department for three years before becoming a mass appeal supervisor. He eventually rose to Creative Development Executive with Warner Brothers Television.

Who Is Michael B. Jordan?

Who Is Michael B. Jordan

Jordan was birthed on Feb 9, 1987, in Santa Ana, California, the state’s second-largest city, in Orange County, California. His parents are Donna as well as Michael A. Jordan. Jamila Jordan, as well as Khalid Jordan, are his two siblings. In 2010, the prestigious Howard University recruited Khalid as a football player. His family lived in California for two years before relocating to Newark, New Jersey. He entered Newark Arts High School, a five-magnet public high school in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, serving children in the eighth through twelfth grades. His mom is also employed at the school. He also played sports here. He born and raised in a devout household and considered himself quite spiritual both then and now. He has been residing in a Sherman Oaks home with his parents since 2018. He also enjoys anime, mainly Naruto: Shippuden and the Dragon Ball franchise. In 2018, he ended the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict involving Armenia and Azerbaijan. In response, he tweeted, ‘No more Genocide!’ He uses this app to find out what the media won’t show about his Armenian friends and individuals in conflict worldwide. He is dating famous model Lori Harvey, the adoptive daughter of professional comedian Steve Harvey.

Many Believe That the famous Tiktok Person Is Michael B. Jordan’s Brother.

the famous Tiktok Person Is Michael B. Jordan's Brother.

Rumors are circulating on TikTok claiming a popular user named @ybkam, who has over 2 million followers, is the brother of American performer Michael B. Jordan. It also began in October 2020, when he answered the comment, “why do you seem like Michael B Jordan.” @ybkam said in the remark, “maybe he’s my brother,” which immediately aroused discussion. Fans believed the two were similar, and he’s just shared a second video that’s added to the confusion. On Apr 2, he replied to another comment asking, “Does Michael B. Jordan have a brother?” and came on FaceTime with Michael B. Jordan to demonstrate that he is his brother. The rumors are entirely false, and @ybkam is not Michael B. Jordan’s brother, but he deceived many people. The FaceTime video was a prank with some excellent video editing methods, and the duo is unrelated. Kam is an American TikTok sensation and musician with over 2.3 million followers. The 21-year-old is also in the army and frequently posts TikTok sketches in which he is dressed in his uniform. Kam is also a famous Instagram star, with 144,000 followers.

Khalid Jordan, Michael B. Jordan’s younger brother, is a famous Television development executive.

Michael B. Jordan's younger brother

Michael B. Jordan has recently remarked multiple times how close he is to his family members. As he previously disclosed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he accomplished a lifelong desire in 2016 when he purchased a home for his parents in Sherman Oaks, California. Furthermore, he stayed with them for nearly two years. And, maybe unsurprisingly, Michael gets along well with his sister, Jamila, and younger brother, Khalid. Michael aspired to be a basketball player entering Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey.

In contrast, his younger brother, Khalid, aspired to be a football player. In reality, Khalid was one of the first junior high histories of art students to gain a full athletic scholarship to Howard University, a remarkable feat he accomplished by combining his academics with football at Malcolm X. Shabazz High School. Khalid, a bright student with diverse ambitions, began looking for entry-level jobs in the entertainment world before graduating.


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