Who is Isaiah Wilson’s Girlfriend? Is he dating Grace Barnett?

The relationship status of Isaiah Wilson and his girlfriend Grace Barnett is something the fans are interested to learn about. The offensive tackle for the American football squad, Isaiah Wilson, is an unsigned free agent. He played all four years of his collegiate football career at Georgia before being In 2020, the Tennessee Titans drafted him with the 29th draft selection. Isaiah is a professional NFL player, so he is constantly in the public eye and the media’s limelight. It stands to reason that many of his fans would be interested in learning more about the artist’s personal life.

Isaiah Wilson Relationship Status

Isaiah Wilson Relationship Status

Isaiah Wilson & Grace Barnett are currently in a relationship. Grace Barnett, Isaiah Wilson’s girlfriend, is not known to have had any past romantic relationships. Her husband was present at the same university as she does. Thus they may have met on campus. It’s unknown when the couple first began dating because they haven’t published any details on their connection or posted photos of being together. Grace has recently gained public attention. When the Tennessee Titans selected Isaiah during the 2020 NFL Draft, Grace, who was understandably upset, leaped on his lap and hugged him. But Isaiah’s mother yanked her off in a flash. Later, it was discovered that Grace was obstructing Isaiah’s vision from the ESPN cameras.

Is Isaiah Wilson dating Grace Barnett?

Is Isaiah Wilson dating Grace Barnett

By 2020, Isaiah Wilson’s girlfriend Grace Barnett will be 21. Her exact birthdate is unknown. She is from New Jersey and got her high school diploma from Montclair in 2017. She also has a 2017 certificate in Sports Business Administration from the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University. She later attended the University of Georgia and declared a double major in business and sports management. Her graduation was expected in 2021. While still in high school, Grace worked on several STEM-related projects. Additionally, she has taken part in a duo of beauty pageants. She loves equestrianism and has a personal website and YouTube channel.

Dating Life of Isaiah Wilson

Dating Life of Isaiah Wilson

The only other lady Isaiah has ever been romantically involved with is Grace Barnett. Nothing is known about the ladies he has had relationships with. In April 2020, while live-streamed, Isaiah and Grace made an unintentional mistake that quickly gained attention on numerous social media sites. Isaiah learned that the Tennessee Titans would select him in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft at that exact moment. In the footage, Grace can be seen crying and consoling Isaiah when Isaiah’s mother, Sharese, removed her from the camera.

Did Isaiah Wilson have any controversy?

Did Isaiah Wilson have any controversy

Since 2020, Isaiah Wilson has encountered the law a few times. He attended a party and attempted to leap off a building at Tennessee State University before being detained for trespassing. After a few months, he was imprisoned for a DUI. Isaiah was taken into custody on January 7, 2021, for attempting to elude a police officer, speeding in a work zone, careless driving, reckless behavior, intoxication with a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. It’s interesting to note that 0.2 grams of LSD were identified in Grace Barnett’s handbag while she was riding in the car with Isaiah.

About Isaiah Wilson’s Girlfriend

About Isaiah Wilson's Girlfriend

Grace is a student at the University of Georgia, concentrating in business and sports management. The last of Grace’s education is thought to have been completed. Considering that she is finishing her college degree, she must be in her early 20s. Isaiah, who is 21 years old, and Grace are thought to be the same age. According to her website, Grace possesses a sports business administration certificate from Columbia University School of Professional Studies. Montclair High School was where she had previously studied. 21k people subscribe to Grace’s YouTube account. She lacked any videos at the time this article was published. According to a Twitter user, my boyfriend handles my makeup in the title of a video Grace allegedly had; however, the video is no longer viewable on her channel.

Is Grace Barnett on Instagram?

Grace Barnett

Despite not having a public profile, Grace Barnett is on Instagram. In light of her social media activity, we could only find her Ig account linked to her YouTube channel. Grace is the only person with whom Isaiah has no Instagram photos or followers. According to her Facebook relationship status, Grace has Isaiah Wilson as her significant other. Isaiah maintains equal quality on his Facebook page, which is lovely.


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