Nevertheless, Webtoon Ending Explained: What Happened With Nabi?

Nabi visits the freshmen studio because she is obsessed with Jae-Eon Park. She locates the artwork produced by Jae-Eon Park there and attempts to get it better. What he likes to refer to as a butterfly has been created. Again? When Jae-Eon Park enters the scene and reveals that he keeps a Butterly at home, Nabi is confident that there is a hidden story behind it. Nabi believed that was all there was to it and felt that spending so much time with her ex-boyfriend made her an over-analyzer like him. Jae-Eon Park was a lot of fun to hang out with. 

As a result, he and Nabi began to get close, and he eventually admitted that the butterfly tattoo had more meaning. Nabi made an effort to admit it, saying that the only reason she was unaware of his tattoo was that he was taking care of a butterfly. Jae-Eon Park continued by acknowledging that he had only been raising a butterfly for a year and had had this tattoo when he was 20. He enjoys their motion since he can see them creeping onto their faces. He caresses Nabi’s face and then commands the operation. Nabi with Jae-Eon Park can embark on their pleasant voyage by going to a bar alone.

Nevertheless Webtoon Storyline And Synopsis

Nevertheless Webtoon Storyline

But it starts by introducing us to Nabi. She is a talented young artist in her teens, following her love of art while attending college. Before her art classes begin, advise her to pursue her passion. Something that would eventually mark them out as true artists. She acted on the advice when she was 19 and fell in love with her teacher. Ultimately, she even loses interest in having a good time with her friends and experiencing life to the fullest since she has become a serious, driven artist who has started to resemble her boyfriend too much.

She believes He looks just like someone else. After some time, She decided to relax with her new friends. Jae-Eon Park is presented to the woman. A first-year student about Nabi’s age. What fascinates him is the butterfly he has tattooed on his neck. Nabi is intrigued by meeting Jae-Eon Park as she senses his feeling of liberation. She probably feels lighter as a result. Together, she smokes her first cigar, participates in every one of his childish pranks, and becomes obsessed with regularly monitoring his messages. Nabi has a tremendous desire to find love.

Did Nabi Rediscover Love?

Did Nabi Rediscover Love

Nabi socialized with Jae-Eon Park and was just verge of believing she was in love. The same things seemed to apply to Jae-Eon Park’s feelings for her. While they were on their way to clubs and placing drink orders for one another, Jae-Eon Park even drew a butterfly on her arm. Until Jae-Eon Park was addressed by a different woman when she entered the bar, she explained the several reasons why he would have ignored her text messages and instead insisted on joining her and her friends at the pub. Given that he was with Nabi, who was a little jealous, Jae-Eon Park turned down the invitation. However, Nabi and another girl found that they both have the same Butterfly symbol on their arms. The one Jae-Eon Park just sketched on Nabi’s arms. 

Later, Nabi confronted Jae-Eon Park with questions about the girl and, of course, the Butterfly symbol. She is a friend at her Cram School, he asserted. Additionally, she created the butterfly on her own. Why? He thinks that friends can stay out, but when the female started acting obsessively right away, he didn’t think that was appropriate. Nabi concluded that Jae-Eon Park was not at all what she had imagined. He’s just lovely; he’s not into her. The plot of the webtoon is now concluded because there is still mystery around him.

Do you think Park Jae Eon gives a good living lesson? 

Do you think Park Jae Eon gives a good living lesson

K-dramas, which usually have 16 episodes, are known for dragging on. If there had been more than ten episodes, there was room for more. This is because, in comparison to the webtoon, some or all of Jae-acts Eon’s in the drama need not, in my opinion, constitute enough red flags. Typically, we watch dramas due to our desire to possess the romantic, pure love that the second lead, Really do, exemplifies. Before you object, please take a moment to think about what I’m saying. In my experience, Jae-Eon is most frequently used as a “red flag” because others, he rejects labels.

Even Seola admits that she made up her relationship with Jae-Eon. The reality that Jae-Eon and Seola are only buddies because it’s convenient suggests that he cares something about Nabi than what could initially seem from Nabi’s opinion, even though it’s usually a bad idea to hang around with your ex.


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