Lee Hooni Appearance: How Does Lee Hooni Look?

Lee Hoon, a 17-year-old high school student who is suicidal, is the main character and protagonist of the Korean manhwa Suicide Boy. Hooni has untamed black hair and dark eyes with bags under them. A white t-shirt, short black shorts, plus black socks make up the bulk of his everyday wardrobe. He is dressed in a brown shirt, which he wears to class. He has additionally been spotted in a variety of outfits. Some multiple bandages and gauzes are clearly from self-harm or other wounds on his face, arms, and legs. He is still pretty young-looking, and many would find that “attractive” despite his age. Despite having some elasticity in his thighs and stomach, he is relatively small in stature and has a generally slender physique.

The Main Protagonist Of “Suicide Boy” Lee Hooni Personality

“Suicide Boy” Lee Hooni Personality

Hooni often displays harmful tendencies toward himself, whether unintentionally or not. He is exceedingly shy and seems always to be thinking about his past mistakes. He also doesn’t seem able to read social cues because he speaks to Jaehoon when he needs solitude time. Even still, Hooni often displays quite a bit of arrogance, as seen in the instances where he believes he can overcome Soorim in Street Fighter and then when Jaehoon voiced concern. In addition, he routinely lies, especially to Sana, giving the impression that he has no problem doing so. He also has questionable morals, almost stealing from Harim to buy groceries for himself.

Lee Hooni Relationships: With Whom He Is In Love?

Lee Hooni Relationships

Due to his fame, Hooni was first utterly afraid of him. As Hooni started to journey with Soorim more regularly, he realized that maybe he wasn’t as bad as he first appeared to be. Hooni and Jaehoon commute to school daily, while Soorim is one of their best pals. When Harim first met Hooni, she “fell in love” with him without thinking twice about her “homosexual inclinations.” She made various attempts, including more regular visits to his home, cutesy attire, and others, but she was ineffective.

She reportedly went as far as donning a tracksuit and motorcycle helmet in an attempt to stalk him & defend him, but all she managed to do was frighten him. She was starting to feel hopeless, she returned to his residence, and as quickly as he said “thank you” to her while she was departing, she became infatuated with him again. Hooni was walking home from school one day when Sana first saw him and recognized that he was his neighbor. He spoke with Hooni to get ideas for his new comic, “A Loser’s Survival,” based on Hooni and his friend. Jaehoon and Hooni’s relationship is tumultuous. Jaehoon first began spending time with Hooni to ensure he wasn’t hurting himself. He soon developed a bond with him and assisted him with his studies. 

Everything We Should Know About Lee Hooni’s Comic Suicide Boy

Lee Hooni’s Comic Suicide Boy

A Korean webcomic titled Suicide Teenager follows the life of Lee Hoon, a suicidal 17-year-old boy.  Hooni has had a difficult life—to say that—would be an understatement. After his mom tragically passed away from illness, Hooni was left alone with a 50,000,000 debt by his aggressive, intoxicated father. And if that weren’t enough, bullies at school target him frequently. Hooni thinks that because he has no parents, no money, and also no hope for the future, he can only end his existence by taking his own life. But despite his several attempts, he has not yet succeeded in killing himself. Suicide Boy is a Park Gee creation that can be viewed on the Lezhin Comics website. But Park Gee has approved of a fan interpretation out there.


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