Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet Divorce: Is He Divorced?

Dr. Michelle appreciates investing time with her children despite her busy schedule. The husband of Dr. Michelle, Shane, works as a firefighter and a deputy game warden. The union took place on December 10, 1992, in Hawaii. Shane Oakley, the husband of Dr. Michelle Oakley, and their marriage remain intact. The well-known pair has been married for over 20 years, and things are still going well. Therefore, a resounding “NO” is given to the question, “Are Dr. Oakley & Shane Divorced?” While a student at Michigan University, Dr. Michelle Oakley served as a field technician in Yukon to investigate the ecology of northern ground squirrels. She was captivated by the Canadian territory’s natural beauty on her first visit. During the same trip, she met her beloved husband, Shane Oakley, a native of the Yukon. Wildland fireman Shane married Michelle in Hawaii on December 10, 1992, after falling in love with her. Following their marriage, Michelle enrolled at The Atlantic Veterinary University in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Are Dr. Oakley And Shane Having Kids?

Dr. Oakley And Shane Having Kids

The couple’s first and second daughters were born when Michele was in veterinary school. Their oldest child, Sierra Oakley, was birthed on July 15, 1997. Sierra was an active young woman who participated in sports during high school and later led the Yukon women’s hockey team to victory at the 2015 Canada Winter Games. She grew up observing her mother take care of animals. Her mother may have inspired Sierra’s decision to pursue a similar career path. Maya Oakley, Michelle & Shane’s second child, was born in 2000. She is a sports enthusiast like her sister and was the goalie for the 2015 Canada Winter Games squad that her sister led. Because they like spending the summer working at their mother’s clinic, Maya & Sierra are given a lot of screen time in the episode. The youngest child of Michelle & Shane is Willow Oakley, born in 2004.

Who Is Dr. Oakley?

Who Is Dr. Oakley

Dr. Michelle Oakley has been the sole veterinarian in the Yukon Territory who treats all species. Most of her clients are off the grid, so they don’t have reliable water or power supply. Dr. Oakley again serves as the on-call vet for American Bald Eagle Foundation, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, & Yukon Wildlife Reserve in Yukon, Canada. She was raised in Indiana and graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s in zoology. Upon dating Shane Oakley, she earned a Ph.D. in veterinary medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College in 2000. 

Dr. Oakley also served as an intern at the Calgary Zoo, in which she now frequently volunteers as a relief veterinarian. Dr. Michelle is quite active on social media. She currently has an 84.3K Instagram account. She is active across several additional social media platforms. Dr. Oakley posts pictures of animals on her social media accounts and details about her research. It’s clear how much she adores animals through her social media sites. The actress seems to be immersed in animal care at all times. She also constantly welcomes help from her older daughter in the process. Some of the most attractive and contented couples globally are Dr. Michelle Oakley & Shane Oakley.

Who Is Michelle Oakley’s Husband?

Michelle Oakley's Husband

Shane Oakley is the name of Michelle Oakley’s husband. She first met this Yukon native & wildland firefighter when they were both in high school. They later married after falling in love, in 1992 in Hawaii. Michelle enrolled in the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada, after marriage. Their family life is lovely. Shane is a deputy conservation officer and a firefighter. They care about and love one another. He respects his wife’s love of animals. The wedding knots their first and second daughters throughout Michele’s time in veterinary school. Sierra Oakley, their oldest child, was born on July 15, 1997. Sierra was an active child who continued to love athletics throughout high school. She later served as Yukon’s female hockey team captain in the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Sierra grew up seeing her mother care for animals. Sierra may have chosen a similar career path due to her mother’s encouragement.


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