Who Is Miriam Amirault?

Miriam Amirault, an archaeologist, received her course degree from the University of New Brunswick in the spring of 2020. Miriam has an anthropology bachelor’s degree and is majoring in classical studies. She thought that owing to her interest and dedication to the subject, becoming an archaeologist was always her desire. Miriam chooses to stay close by instead. He could have been affected by the fact that she lived only a few years away from her Digby, Nova Scotia, home. Miriam’s archaeological adventures began when Dr. Aaron Taylor invited her to take part in research in Cuba during her second semester of college. She viewed this as the perfect opportunity to see if she could enjoy archaeology. Thankfully, she enjoyed it, and that was just the beginning. She was given the opportunity to take part in the History Channel documentary series when Dr. Taylor requested her to join the crew after she graduated.

Miriam Amirault Net Worth: How Much She Earn?

Miriam Amirault Net Worth

Her pay for The Curse of Oak Island is unknown. She reportedly has a combined wealth of $200k and makes $70k per year as an archaeologist. Miriam Amirault is a good communicator and has a strong ability to communicate with audiences. She uses pranks in her films to display her sense of humor and purpose of fun. Together, Miriam Amirault and others have launched the Our Journey YouTube channel. One other partner she works with is Baby Ariel. In 2021, her net worth ranged from $600k to $900k.

Miriam Amirault Husband: Is She Married?

Miriam Amirault Husband

Although there isn’t much information available on Miriam, persistent rumors about the archaeologist’s sexual life linger. Although we are sure she was never married, it is unclear if she is dating someone right now. Viewers of the broadcast claim that there was a spark between Alex Lagina and Miriam for Amirault. But nobody of them made any declarations. This is logical given how much both persons respect their privacy. Fans of Alex or Miriam could feel disappointed. According to several publications, Alex is dating beauty blogger Katherine Sneed, a social media sensation.

The so-called pair frequently posts pictures from their travels online. According to reports, Sneed acknowledged Alex’s birthday in an Instagram post in 2020. In her final post, she stated her enthusiasm to leave with him. Miriam was believed to be gorgeous by many onlookers. Therefore, she ought to attract a lot of interest from possible partners. Given the amount of public she is subjected to through films, it is challenging for her to maintain the privacy of the specifics of her private life. Despite appearing to be single, this intelligent young woman wants to better her job and learn everything that she can.

Miriam Amirault Career

Miriam Amirault Career

The Curse of Oak Island, a new documentary about the Lagina Brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina, who explore Oak Island in pursuit of a fabled treasure, was created by Miriam Amirault. 

In 1971, Miriam Amirault was brought up in France. She received a French Literature degree after completing her studies at the Sorbonne. She subsequently continued her legal is education at Paris I University, earning a degree in international law. 

Her career as a filmmaker, actress, producer, and writer is most well-known about her. In addition to writing several books, Miriam is the author of “The Curse of Oak Island,” which a Documentary Series was created from.

Who Is Alex Lagina?

Who Is Alex Lagina

In recognition of the legendary Oak Island near Nova Scotia, Canada, Alex Lagina plays the lead role in an unscripted television series. On the island, many groups of archaeologists search for ancient artifacts. On November 2, 2021, the tenth episode of The Curse of Oak Island aired. In this episode, the show explores the mysteries of Oak Island and searches for hidden artifacts and riches. Alex Lagina, a star of Oak Island, is unrelated to Miriam Amirault. Fans claimed to have seen lightning among Alex and Miriam, but the claims were untrue. An unscripted television series starring Alex Lagina is set on the renowned Oak Island near Nova Scotia, Canada. On the island, many groups of archaeologists search for ancient artifacts.


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