Fans are emotional about the Haikyuu season 4 Finale

The upcoming Haikyu fourth season! It is called Haikyuu! The new series, To the Top (!! TO THE TOP), will have a “kickoff event” on September 22, 2019; it was revealed at Jump Festa ’19. It is a Haruichi Furudate manga series that has been adapted into an anime. On January 11, 2020, the Super Animeism block hosted its world premiere. It was created by Production I.G. Later, revealing that the fourth season will be broken into two halves, with part 2 premiering in July 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it debuted on October 3, 2020, instead.

Two introductory and two concluding themes comprise the series’ four theme songs. Burnout Syndromes’ “Phoenix” is the show’s opening theme from episodes 1–13, and CHiCO with HoneyWorks’ “Kessen Spirit” is the show’s closing theme. During episodes 14 through 25, “Toppako” by SUPER BEAVER serves as the opening theme, and “One Day” by SPYAIR serves as the closing theme.

What is the story for Haikyuu Season 4? 

story for Haikyuu Season 4

Even though Shy Hinata is not a big man, he has lofty goals. He’s been inspired to be the next big thing in high school volleyball, especially since he witnessed a small player known as the “Small Giant” in a National Championship. Sadly, the one time he managed to round up enough members to form a squad in junior high school, they were utterly destroyed in their first and only game against a team captained by rising setter Tobio Kageyama. Hinata will eventually get his chance to join and compete with a top squad now that he is admitted to the high school where his idol formerly played.

The only issue is that Kageyama, already regarded as one of the team’s greatest players, has also chosen to enroll at the same institution. Can a young person from nowhere compete with the King of the Court? Or maybe the conflict and competition will work out best for them both.

What about the Haikyuu Season 4 Cast?

Haikyuu Season 4 Cast

Ittetsu Takeda, played by Hiroshi Kamiya

Keishin Ukai, played by Hisao Egawa

Kōrai Hoshiumi, played by Natsuki Hanae

Atsumu Miya played by Mamoru Miyano

Kiyoomi Sakusa played by Kohsuke Toriumi

Motoya Komori, played by Yūto Uemura

Kei Tsukishima, played by Kōki Uchiyama

Kōshi Sugawara, played by Miyu Irino

Ryūnosuke Tanaka, played by Yuu Hayashi

Asahi Azumane, played by Yoshimasa Hosoya

Yū Nishinoya, played by Nobuhiko Okamoto

Tadashi Yamaguchi, played by Sōma Saito

Chikara Ennoshita, played by Toshiki Masuda

Kiyoko Shimizu played by Kaori Nazuka

Hitoka Yachi, played by Morohoshi Sumire

Shōyō Hinata, played by Ayumu Murase

Tobio Kageyama, played by Kaito Ishikawa

Daichi Sawamura, played by Satoshi Hino

Why are fans emotional about the ending of Haikyuu Season 4? 

ending of Haikyuu Season 4

Haikyuu!! After watching the Season 4 finale, fans are undoubtedly feeling emotional. After a temporary hiatus brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Haikyuu!! After making its debut in January, To The Top made a comeback this fall for the second quarter of the fourth season. The fourth season finale marked the conclusion of one of Karasuno’s most challenging games to date in the anime, which was highlighted in the second half of the season. The decision examines the immediate repercussions of this significant victory and failure.

Haikyuu’s final episode is here! To the Top portrayed the boys of Karasuno’s reactions to their unexpected triumph over Inarizaki. Even though the match against Inarizaki was one of the most challenging to date, there will soon be a battle that will be even more challenging because Karasuno will be playing in the third round of the Spring Nationals competition with the fifth in the entire series. But how are viewers responding to this monumental finale?

Haikyuu Season 4 Sypnosis

Haikyuu Season 4 Sypnosis

The volleyball team from Karasuno High School successfully defeated Shiratorizawa Academy to secure their much-expected trip to the national tournament. Genius setter Tobio Kageyama is asked to play with other nationally renowned players at the All-Japan Youth Training Camp as preparations get underway. In the meantime, the Miyagi Prefecture invites Kei Tsukishima to a special rookie training camp for first-year students. Shouyou Hinata, a joyful person, feels left out because he hasn’t received any invitations.

Hinata, however, is unyielding. After channeling his anger into self-motivation, he intends to enter the same rookie training camp as Tsukishima under the radar. Hinata realizes this is a good chance, even though he only manages to secure a position as the ball boy.


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