Comedy Drama Starring Jack Davenport: Ten Percent

If you like the French Netflix show, Call My Agent! (or who didn’t? ), Ten Percent will appeal to you. The English-language version of 10% will be available this spring on Prime Video. The revised title, Ten Percent, is consistent with the French version’s original title Dix Pour Cent and represents the standard cut an agent typically takes on any acting job. The comedy is written by BAFTA-winning author John Morton (Twenty Twelve, W1A), and the show has a long list of A-list talent lined up, including Jim Broadbent, Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard, and Maggie Steed. But just like its Parisian predecessor, it’s the appearances, starring well-known figures like Emma Corrin, that everyone is anticipating (The Crown).

Ten Percent Cast: Who Is In The Cast With Jack?

Ten Percent Cast

When we say the cast of Ten Percent is impressive, we mean it! The series stars Jim Broadbent from The Duke and Jack Davenport from The Pirates of the Caribbean as some of the burnt-out talent agents battling to preserve the agency afloat. Lydia Leonard from Gentleman Jack and Prasanna Puwanarajah from Doctor Foster also appear. Natasha Little, Fola Evans Akingbola, Hiftu Quasem, Rebecca Humphries, Edward Bluemel, Harry Trevaldwyn, and Eleonore Arnaud are the other actors who star with Tim McInnerny. Also present are Maggie Steed & Himesh Patel, former EastEnders actors. Emma Corrin, who presented in The Crown and My Policeman, David Harewood, Helena Bonham Carter, Clemence Poesy, Olivia Williams, David Oyelowo, Dominic West, Jessica Oyelowo, Phoebe Dynevor, and Kelly Macdonald are among the celebrities who make cameo appearances in Ten Percent.

Jack Davenport’s Ten Percent Review:

Ten Percent Review

Message My Agent! has been an international and domestic blockbuster hit. Therefore it was only a barrier before other countries borrowed the format. Enter Ten Percent, a British replica directed by W1A’s John Morton. This series adopts the same solution as the French series, which centers on the Parisian talent company ASK as it struggles to cope with the loss of its founder Samuel Kerr. However, this series applies to the England company Nightingale Hart. The firm’s co-founder, Richard Nightingale, played by Hollywood icon Jim Broadbent, passes away unexpectedly, leaving the employees scrambling to understand the news and what it means for the business and its consumers. Olivia Williams & Helena Bonham Carter, who are competing for the same position and a funny Shakespeare sketch starring Dominic West, are one group among the many famous people that make cameo appearances with the new core group, just like in the French series.

Ten Percent Story: TV Series’ Premise

Ten Percent Story

Misha has decided to pursue a profession as talented agent in the footsteps of her absent father, Jonathan, and grandfather, Richard. She arrives at the London firm Nightingale Hart only in time to be unexpectedly worked as an assistant when one is sacked. Richard passes away soon after Misha starts working there, and Jonathan and another agent, Stella, learn that the company is having financial problems. Jonathan has difficulty keeping Misha’s true identity a secret from his family. Agent Dan seeks to boost up the career of their office manager, Zoe, whereas also loving her. Agent Rebecca, meanwhile, is creating a producing branch of the company and yearning for Margaux, the author of the novel she’s set to adapt. Stella supports her old friend and self-destructive actor Simon while working through a different personal problem. Misha starts assisting Jonathan’s son Luke in developing his writing skills. They all attempt to control their erratic well-known clients while fending off the demands of the American business that recently acquired the company.

Where To Watch Ten Percent? 

Watch Ten Percent

Ten Percent, the English dub of the beloved French sitcom Call My Agent, would be available for international viewing on Amazon Prime Video! On Thursday, April 28, around midnight GMT, all eight episodes debut on the platform and can be streamed here in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. You’re in luck if you’re a new subscriber or haven’t had an active Amazon Prime in more than a year because it qualifies you for a 30-day FREE trial of Amazon Prime. That shows that you are free to binge-watch the entire series. All Amazon Prime subscriptions include their VOD service in addition to their ad-free music streaming, Amazon Gaming, exclusive recharge offers, and renowned free shipping.


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