True Beauty Webtoon Plot: What About The True Beauty Is?

Jugyeong Lim experienced unfair treatment from her family and bullying from her rivals when she was a teenager because she was seen as ugly. She begins viewing many online tutorial videos to learn how to apply makeup. She becomes an expert at the craft, and her transformation shows gloriously transformational as she swiftly gains recognition and others are astounded by her newfound Beauty. She soon develops an odd friendship with two of the most attractive and popular lads at school: Han Seojun, a “bad boy,” and Lee Su-ho, the first to notice her without makeup. She is living in a culture where looks are a criterion for judgment.

Everything About True Beauty Webtoon Characters We Should Know

True Beauty Webtoon Characters

Lim, The main character of the Webtoon is Ju-Kyung, a 22-year-old beautician & influencer on social media who is Su-girlfriend ho’s and Seo-ex-girlfriend. Jun’s Heavy metal music and perusing horror comic books have become Ju-addictions. Kyung’s Lee Su-ho, a third-generation Korean-Japanese who serves as a cook and desires to engage in the culinary arts, is 22 years old. He is also Seo-best jun’s friend and Ju-boyfriend. Kyung’s Han Seo-jun, a solo K-pop performer who is 22 years old and signed to ST Entertainment, is Su-best ho’s friend and the ex-boyfriend of Ju-Kyung. After saving Su-ho and Se-Yeon from attackers in junior high, Seo-jun turned into their closest buddy. Se-Yeon, along with Su-ho, identified his singing talent and persuaded him to apply as an idol trainee.

What Happened In The True Beauty Webtoon Ending?

True Beauty Webtoon Ending

Ju- Kyung encourages her buddy Soo-jin through all her decisions and helps her deal with her violent relationship. Ju used to be envious of Soo-attractiveness Jin in high school, but now she understands it was more of a burden. While Su- ho and Seo- jin continue to argue over Ju-Kyung, Ju develops a strong relationship with her first love, So -hu. However, she can only choose one of the boys; she cannot choose both. There are numerous positives, such as incredible painting styles and distinctive characters, but there are also some drawbacks. I’ll try to discuss the weaknesses in addition to the positives so as not to list the pros, like the unforeseen conclusion. But even though she got off to a pretty strong start, the story eventually lost its focus on genuine Beauty. Overall, the plot is well-balanced and worth trying.

Who Is The True Beauty Webtoon Author?

True Beauty Webtoon Author

Yang, a webtoon creator, revealed which idols had recently captured her attention. The writer, well known for her wildly popular webcomic “True Beauty,” appeared as a presenter on the MBC show “Radio Star” on April 13. Yang noted, “I once went to the market with my older sister clothed in pajamas, and then another time, I went with full makeup. Both incidents happened in real life and were depicted in the Webtoon. When I returned a second time, the supermarket cashier informed my older sister, “Oh, therefore, you have two sisters. The author also stated that she makes an effort to keep up with the most recent trends so she may incorporate them into her webcomics and keep them current.


True Beauty Webtoon Spoilers: What They Say?

True Beauty Webtoon Spoilers

The 16-episode famous Korean romance drama finishes on a hopeful and loving note. While supporters clung to the hope that Ju-Kyung would come to understand Seo-feelings jun’s for her, destiny had other ideas. Fans are aware that Su-ho abruptly abandoned his romance with Ju-Kyung and departed for the U. S. after his father passed away. Seo-feelings jun’s for Ju-Kyung during that time intensified, as did their friendship. But Seo-jun realizes what he must do as Su-ho is about to depart Korea again. Knowing she is supposed to be with Su-ho, he lets go because of his genuine love. Seo-jun missing out on love devastated the hearts of his admirers. The storyline of the True Beauty webtoon goes on for a lot longer than it does in the K-drama, which finishes too soon.

True Beauty Webtoon vs. Drama: What Is The Difference?

True Beauty Webtoon vs. Drama


Last week’s airing of True Beauty’s final episode ended our monthly supply of kilig from Cha Eun Woo, Hwang In Yeop, and Moon Ga Young. Suho and Ju Kyung’s union was as expected. True Beauty is a Webtoon that Yaongyi wrote and illustrated. Although the Webtoon hasn’t achieved a climax, the drama created its ending because it began in 2018 and is still running today. Because all know that adaptations often fall short. But occasionally, they get it right and successfully bring our favourite books to life on film. Despite the dramatic variations in the plot, some fans claim they preferred the drama over the Webtoon. But you make the decision!


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