Business Proposal Review: Is It Worth Watching?

One of the most watched shows on Netflix right now is Business Proposal. It is modeled off the webcomic The Office Blind Date. It wasn’t even on my plan of k-dramas to view this season, to be honest, but once I started watching, there was no stopping. Even though it contains many clichés, there are plenty of things to keep you guessing. It’s undoubtedly going on my list of “must-watch” Korean dramas. Two couples with remarkable chemistry are featured in the 12-episode narrative. Because of how well they behaved, I fell in love with the main couple and their closest friends, who also fell in love. This showed a shift of focus from the love triangle.

Who Was In The Business proposal cast?

Business proposal cast

Ahn Hyo-seop plays Kang Tae-moo. He portrays the new CEO of Go Food, a subsidiary of the chaebol owned by his grandpa. After graduating from Harvard University, he joined Go Food, worked in a branch abroad, and recently returned to Korea. Shin Ha-ri, one of Go Food’s potential food development researchers, is portrayed by Kim Se-Jeong. She dresses as a diva and sets up a blind date with a possible partner after being convinced by her close friend Young-seo. She adds positivity to her team as a whole. She works after work at the chicken business her family owns. Cha Sung-hoon is played by Kim Min-kyu. To Tae-moo, he portrays the chief secretary of Go Food. He was brought up at an orphanage supported by the Go Food Group. Tae-grandfather moo’s helped him as he grew.

Everything We Should Know About Business proposal story?

Business proposal story

Kang Tae Moo decided to go on the blind dates arranged for him to please his grandfather and keep up his pattern of hard work. She realizes that the first date is the only way to avoid wasting time. Shin Ha-ri, who had been persuaded by her closest friend, who had pretended to be her buddy on the blind date, is now trying to dupe everyone while also duping Kang. To return to the initial point, the relationship between Mr. Kang and Ms. Shin is the subject of the Business Proposal. What begins as a fictitious romance develops into a range of items, such as the revelation that Ms. Shin truly works for Mr. Kang.

What Happened In The Business proposal season 1 Ending?

Business proposal season 1 Ending

Ha-ri tries to get in touch with him to inquire about the story. She even decides to travel to New York on her days off. He comes to Seoul just as she is ready to depart. They embrace when he reassures her that the reports are untrue. Tae-moo claims the chairman instructed him to wait to return to the United States until he had given her what was contained in the box he was holding. He presents Ha-ri with a ring after opening it. They kiss when she agrees. Chairman Kang is still receiving treatment, but Tae-moo has been employed at the New York branch for a year. He and Ha-ri have a video conversation, but he has to end the connection to attend to business. Ha-ri afterward notices an article.

Where To Watch Business proposal episodes?

Business proposal episodes

You can watch A Business Proposal on Netflix online. The cast of the series’ previous works, including Kim Sejeong’s The Uncanny Counter and Abyss by Ahn Hyo Seop, are all available to stream on Netflix. The monthly fees for the subscription plans are $8.99 for the basic plan, $13.99 for the standard procedure, and $17.99 for the premium plan. To scare off the potential suitor, the series centers on a typical office female who embarks on a blind date in the place of her buddy. However, failures occur when she learns that the CEO of the company she works for is the blind date.


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