ETHDenver Event Draws Thousands Of Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Fans

Colorado could bask in the glory of being the hub of cryptocurrency. However, other cities are fast catching up, and the latest is in Denver, which is hosting the ETHDenver event reports ETHDenver event attracted more than 12,000 people from 100 different countries this year, which is the highest attendance the event has experienced.

Terms such as cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital currency that works on blockchain technology, a peer-to-peer network online ledger that supports major cryptocurrencies have become more common today.

These topics and the related issues are the focus of the ETHDenver event. Here the industry leaders would share their insights into the future of cryptocurrency, and people would compete to create the next big thing.

The World’s Most Extensive Blockchain Technology, Software Development Competition

ETHDenver Founder and Executive Steward John Paller said, “In simple terms, it’s the world’s largest blockchain technology, software development competition. So teams come from all over the world to build these next-generation applications, protocols, currencies, whatever it might be, that have different use cases around things like social impact, mobile phones, decentralized finance, digital communities.”

$1.5 million in prizes and bounties and $2 million in investment capital are up for grabs for the contestants. The CEO of Chain Safe Systems, Aiden Hyman, has been attending the event for five years. He said that the event aimed to create a financially literate community and empower them to control their finances and digital footprints.

Gov. Jared Polis hopes to continue to draw people like Hyman to Denver. Polis, who spoke at the event Friday, is sparing no effort to make sure Colorado is the first digital currency state in the union.

Colorado Could Become The First Digital Currency State In The Union

It’s a vision that Paller shares, and he said, “We could be a destination of choice for this innovation to work here, live here, invest here, build here, and experience the future. Governor Polis is the founder of the Blockchain Caucus in Congress,”

Polis is also the driving force behind Colorado’s first blockchain-related law known as the “Colorado Digital Token Act.”