Oregon Tries To Reintroduce Bill To Institute $600 Stimulus Check

In some recent good news, on the 16th of February, 2022 – Oregon Democrats have reintroduced a bill to give low-income wage earners $600 stimulus checks. According to KTVZ, Democrats in the Oregon House have reintroduced a bill promoting such once of payments to low-wage earners living in the state. This article will look at this topic in more detail. Read on if you are interested or want to find out more about the prospective bill.

According to CBS News, both formed parts of the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act implemented in March 2020.

The Bills Design And Purpose

To begin, the online report states that the iteration of the plan would aim at providing stimulus relief to 260,000 people approximately. Furthermore, these would be people who filled for earned income tax credit or EITC. By definition, this would provide a break for eligible low and middle-income families on their 2020 filings.

Furthermore, this report made it apparent that the original bill made it possible for low-wage earners to apply for extra stimulus income. However, according to Representative Andrea Valderrama, the earlier version of the plan was shelved for various reasons. Let’s look at these briefly.

Differences From Initial Draft

To begin, the report stated that the original bill created a method or process in which low-income workers could apply for payments. However, Rep. Valderrama stated that most lawmakers were very hesitant about a ‘third-party vendor, or state entity’ ability to handle the overall volume of work timeously. 

Furthermore, as the report further explained, a second condition that acts as a positive determiner for the new bill is that there is no discrimination of workers eligible for the proposed stimulus relief or check. This is in stark contrast to the bill’s original plan, which would only allow certain types of specific low to middle-income workers to be eligible. The online report makes it clear that this was frowned upon by many lawmakers as it would not include many workers who desperately need such aid. Furthermore, and in this light – it is also quite a lengthy and difficult task to ‘delineate’ who is eligible for this $600 stimulus check.

To conclude, the only provision under the new proposed bill is that eligible residents have applied for earned income tax credit or EITC on their 2020 state tax filing. Whether the new bill will be legislated remains to be seen. However, it might come as welcome relief to hundreds of thousands of low and middle-income citizens.