California, Indiana, New York & Florida Continue Sending Stimulus Checks In 2022

As 2022 is now well underway, the COVID-19 pandemic is all but over. As a result, inflation is the highest in the US for 40 years – 7.5%. Unfortunately, though, as it stands, the federal government will not be sending out any more stimulus money. However, according to an online news report by Marca, there is some good news for some 87 million US citizens. 

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To explain, four states in the US have decided to make it their responsibility and are, according to an article on Go Banking Rates, are gearing up to send out further stimulus payments during this year, that is, 2022. Let’s take a look at four of these initiatives found in the online news report – who is eligible and what such stimulus payments entail.

California Golden State Stimulus Checks

According to a KTLA report, Californian Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he had allocated a budget of $286 for 2022. Unfortunately, the budget does not officially include any further stimulus payments from the Golden State Stimulus check programs[s]. However, according to the online report, although it is speculative – there is a possibility that the budget surplus could provide for further tax rebates.

Indiana State Budget Surplus

According to the report by Marca, the Indiana state recorded a large budget surplus last year. For this reason, Indiana residents might be eligible for extra cash. Fortunately for these citizens, the report states that the government wants to provide tax rebates of approximately $125.

New York Excluded Workers Fund

According to the same report, this stimulus fund – the New York Excluded Workers Fund – has been created and approved with a budget of over $2 billion. It aims to provide stimulus aid to workers who undocumented workers who have not been able to take advantage of previous stimulus checks and/or tax rebates. Although so far, the program has paid out eligible workers in this category, according to the same report, money has already been issued to those earning less than $26,208. Fortunately for those living in this US state – the program is being extended to include the current year 2022.

Florida Educators Eligible For $1,000

The online report further states 177,000 teachers are eligible to receive $1,000 stimulus payments i.e., Florida state. Furthermore, state Governor Ron DeSantis is also allocating $600 million to increase the minimum salaries of such educators to $47,000 per year.