‘Special New Page’ IRS Has Created Providing Tax and Stimulus Resources, Information And Alerts

The IRS stated in a news release on the 14th of February, 2022, that they have created a ‘special new page’. This page, according to a report on The Motley Fool, provides tax alerts for the 2021 tax season. As it stands, the tax filing season for 2021 began on January 24, 2022, and the deadline is April 18. 

Details About The New Page

The report further states that the new page created by the IRS places a large focus on alerts and information relating to stimulus checks. Furthermore, according to this report, there is a full section dedicated to the $1,400 stimulus checks made available. Information, about these Recovery Rebate stimulus checks, are available online. Furthermore, the new page put up by the IRS also makes it possible for taxpayers to find out how to apply for this stimulus check – and receive this tax rebate or credit if they have not yet already. Information and resources to do with the extended Child Tax Credit are also made available.

Rebates Or Refunds Sent Already

According to this report, the IRS also announced in its press release on the 14th of February 2022, that it has released billions of dollars in tax refunds in only two weeks since the tax filing season began. Furthermore, the IRS has stated that they have sent out a total of 4 million-odd, tax refunds since January 24. This, no doubt is an incredibly high number. Most of these payments were made up by direct deposits.

Some Good Stimulus Payment News

Furthermore, according to this online report, the majority of these tax refunds sent – amounting to $10 billion, have been standard refunds. These are refunds that taxpayers normally are eligible to receive, or actually receive yearly when submitting their taxes. However, if a taxpayer is eligible for this Recovery Rebate stimulus credit of $1,400 and has not yet claimed it, they still can.

Taxpayers can still claim either the full amount or, what is still owing, of this tax rebate if they claim it when filing their 2021 taxes. Whilst there might be various reasons for not having claimed these stimulus checks yet – if you do so before the April deadline, and are eligible, you can receive much larger tax rebates or refunds than usual.

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