Stimulus Check 2022: Residents Of Four States Will Continue To Get Stimulus Payments

The Federal Government is no longer doling out stimulus checks. The US government had given three stimulus checks earlier; residents of some states will receive a fourth stimulus check-in 2022. These states have decided to formulate their recovery plans to assuage the economic woes of the Corona epidemic, which is still affecting the lives of millions of Americans, reports

Inflation Rise And Increased Unemployment Has Affected The US Economy Significantly

The Four states preparing to give more stimulus checks have a combined population of 87 million. Though not everyone will be eligible for the stimulus package, a sizeable number of residents could be benefited.

2022 Stimulus Check in New York

Undocumented workers in the state of New York who were not able to collect their previous federal stimulus checks could become a part of a stimulus fund worth just over two bn dollars. The fund is labeled as Excluded Workers Fund, and money has already been paid out to those who fell into this category and earned less than 26,208 dollars in 2020. Now, this program is being expanded in 2022.

Governor Kathy Hochul said that since the COVID-19 pandemic is still not over, the Excluded Workers Fund serves as a lifeline for thousands of New Yorkers. They constitute an inalienable part of the state and keep it running even during the worst phase of the pandemic.

2022 Stimulus Check in Indiana

The State of Indiana posted a very high surplus last year, and the government wants to share this with the residents through a tax refund worth around 125 dollars. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said, “We must put this money back into the hands of taxpayers instead of leaving it in the hands of the government,”

2022 Stimulus Check in California

Residents of California can expect a third check under the high-profile Golden State Stimulus programs. It was revealed by Governor Gavin Newsom, who said that he hopes to provide an additional rebate to the taxpayers when the budget is updated.

2022 Stimulus Check in Florida

The State of Florida paid gratitude to the teachers and announced a new stimulus check-in 2022. These 2022 stimulus checks will be worth 1,000 dollars each.