Democrats Are Still Hopeful About The Build Back Better: Manchin Says Otherwise

Democratic lawmakers still have a ray of hope regarding the Build Back Better. The program allows an extended child tax credit for US citizens; the politicians believe that the approval of the Build Back Better bill is possible even after all-out opposition from Sen. Joe Manchin. President Biden introduced the Build Back Better Act in 2021 to extend federal relief for millions of low-income families. The cessation of Child Tax Credit and other relief benefits might be curtains for the sufferers of the pandemic. NBC News reports that Manchin Tuesday publicly refused his involvement in extended discussions concerning the bill.

Democrats Are Still Hopeful About The Build Back Better: Manchin Says Otherwise

Build Back Better Would Have Kept The Poverty Levels In Check

NBC News quoted Sen. Michael Bennet, who said, “Senator Manchin has not slammed the door on this. We know over the last six months that people have spent money the way we said they were going to spend the money, which was to buy groceries, to pay for rent, really important to pay for child care so they could stay at work.” The reports suggest that millions of children from economically weaker backgrounds might fall back below poverty levels in 2022. The child tax credit significantly improved the country’s financial condition; several households could manage their finances efficiently and afford children’s education.

Democrats Have A Glimmer Of Hope

Biden focused upon providing the existing benefits to improve the public’s living standards using the social spending program worth $1.9 trillion. However, Manchin believes that the introduction of further relief benefits will likely add to inflation levels in the country. The US market has faced a record rise in inflation levels during the last few months.

Consumer prices have gone up due to the distortion of the supply chain in the market. NBC News quoted Rep. Rosa DeLauro; she said, “We want the partnership of all of the Democrats and Senator Manchin. And again, the data over and over again supports some of the issues that he had concerns about, and we’re going to keep at that, and the American people are going to keep at that as well.” The families below the threshold annual income have received monthly child tax credit payments in the latter half of 2021.