Stimulus Check Update: IRS States That No More Payment Is Planned

People around the country have been hit financially by the epidemic, which has resulted in major unemployment and workers needing to take a long time off due to COVID infections and exposures. At least for the very first two years, federal funds helped to alleviate some of the burdens, reports BestLife.

Source: Twitter

Millions of people will receive two distinct stimulus cheques in 2020: one for $1,200 in April & another for $600 at the end of the year. In March 2021, the third round of payments was handed out, but this is the last time the United States received any kind of countrywide stimulus. Despite this, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has now issued a fresh warning concerning stimulus checks, over a year later.

With the virus still raging, calls for a fourth incentive check have become louder. It’s no wonder that social media fraudsters have seized advantage of this opportunity, with new tweets stating that the next wave of checks will arrive shortly in the United States.

According to USA Today, a Video on Facebook titled “Having to send Away $2,000 CHECKS For Everybody! FOURTH STIMULUS CHECK” viral video on Jan. 28 had more than 20,000 views. Two more YouTube videos with identical names, all created on Jan. 30 and stating that the funds will be transferred on Feb. 9, have piled up over 40,000 views.

Statement By IRS

According to USA Today, none of the internet videos presented a confirmation of a forthcoming payout. The IRS verified to the news site that there is presently no fourth stimulus check on the way. A spokeswoman for the agency, Eric Smith, cautioned people against succumbing to these sorts of viral messages, stating that every other stimulus check has yet to be issued.

And it isn’t expected to alter anytime soon. Despite Omicron’s rise, financial analysts think a fourth stimulus check for people is unlikely shortly.

The impossibility of a fourth stimulus check hasn’t deterred those who want more money. CNBC reported in early January 2022 that a Petition on calling for $2,000 stimulus packages to be distributed to every adult in the United States each month throughout the epidemic had already topped 3 million signatures.