Move for the Fourth stimulus is accelerated due to economic crisis

Over the three waves of pandemics and the stimulus checks handed out to several American households. Yet there is a push for the fourth stimulus paycheck that many advocates and lawmakers have been stressed about ever since the third direct stimulus aid was issued. Reports CBS News

Money Distributed So Far

So far, 169 million payments have been made to eligible adults. All the amounts were paid under the coronavirus aid relief and economic security act. They were provided as a relief measure as per the American rescue plan signed by the President. The payout began with $3200, $1200 with an additional $600 was given. Finally, a payment of $1400 was a part of the recent settlement.

Throughout the pandemic, enough relief was sent out and paychecks handed to eligible households, yet financial stress has not leveled out as planned. The different variants of the coronavirus have caused the situation to new economic situations that need to be handled. Meanwhile, there is a definite need to push for the next set of stimulus payments so that the citizens will not be in dire straits.

Push For The Next Round Of Payments

Unemployment rates are rising even after the lockdown opening and fewer people reporting for work. Businesses are trying hard to get back on their feet. Others who depend on the crowd are still trying to limp back to getting their act together; however, new variants make the situation worse and seem to be making no headway. With uncertainty looming large and widespread absenteeism, it would significantly impact the economy.

The fiscal support for so many households was delivered last month, yet it has not been sufficient for the American households to pull through. A petition is being signed up to pass legislation that would enable recurring funding of $2000 of monthly payments to eligible citizens.