‘Dark Desire’: Season 2 Reveals The Mexican Mystery

Alejandro Spitzer and Maite Perroni starred in the erotic thriller Oscuro Deseo (“Dark Desire”), which debuted in July 2020 and became an international hit. In 77 countries, including Spain, France, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States, the series was in Netflix’s NFLX Top 10. This resulted in a rapid renewal, reports Meaww.com.

Source: Twitter

Netflix has set the details of the new and closing chapter in the story of love, betrayal, obsession, and murder for 2022, more than a year while Oscuro Deseo debuted on the site. As a result, season 2 will be the final season.

After accusing her husband of cheating on her, Alma Soares (Perroni), an attorney and college professor, begins an affair with Daro (Speitzer), a considerably younger guy, in season one. Her fling, however, has unintended and deadly consequences, leaving the story on a cliffhanger. Fans will not have to wait long to find out if Alma (Perroni) and Daro (Speitzer) will reconcile and succumb to passion and evil desires once more.

The show is one of several Netflix is developing as announced its commitment to generate unique material in Mexico and support local talent above and behind the screen for global distribution. As part of its Latin American expansion goals, the streamer built offices in Mexico City in 2019.

Season 2 stars Ariana Saavedra, Regina Pavón, Catherine Siachoque, Erik Hauser, Alejandro Spitzer, Maite Perroni, Arturo Barba, and Jorge Poza, and was created and written by Leticia López Margalli. It was directed by Kenya Márquez and Pitipol Ybarra.

Following the success of Oscuro Deseo last year, Netflix announced a new slate of Mexican original productions, stating that the “new productions symbolize Mexico’s immense importance to us as well as our subscribers’ appetite for Mexican stories both locally and internationally, as evidenced by the global success of “Dark Desire” and Control Z.” We need stories to connect us now more than ever.”

Netflix has announced that ”Dark Desire” will be renewed for a second season. Leticia López Margalli is the creator of the Mexican series. The mystery drama was initially released in roughly 180 countries worldwide in 2020.

Furthermore, the series ranked among the top ten most-watched programs in Spain, Mexico, and the United States. The mystery series follows Alma Solares (Maite Perroni), the series’ primary actress and protagonist, who intends to leave her house for a simple weekend break, only to ruin her reputation due to a rash decision.