‘Demon Slayer’ Season 3 Episode 9: After Rengoku, Tengen’s Death Is Also Approaching!

Tanjiro is pleased that Nezuko has finally fallen asleep, as the episode begins. He had no intention of involving his sister in this situation. He carefully places her back into the wooden box, which he carries on his back. Tanjiro’s face, including his eyes, is now covered in blood. Hinokami Kagura appears to have taken a toll on him, and he appears to be exhausted. His shoulder is also hurting from being cut through in Episode 7, reports TheNewsPocket.

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Likewise, Uzui is standing in front of Gyutaro and Daki, the bro-sis duo. They have a psychic link and can work together quickly.

Guitar says that he is envious of Uzui because he is attractive, has three wives, and is a “top-swagger.” He refers to him as “unique” since Uzui is unlike any other Hashira. He continues saying how envious he is over and over.

Background Information On Uzui

Uzui has nine brothers and sisters, according to the show. By the time he was 15, seven of them had died. His father, fearful of the clan’s downfall, compelled them to undergo Brutal Training. He and his brother were the only ones who survived. His younger brother acquired the same mindset, which led him to marry a large number of spouses and see them as disposable as long as they generated children. Even his subordinates were treated as pawns by him.

Uzui has no desire to follow in his footsteps. With his three wives, he paid a visit to Oyakata-same. Oyakata-sama understood his anguish since, for him and his wives, defying ingrained values and going beyond them was not an easy feat. Surprisingly, Oyakata-eyes Osama’s were open at the time, and they’re friendly, with a lovely darker purple hue.

After Being poisoned, Uzui’s Condition

Following the flashback, Uzui refers to persons with baggage such as conflict as “spineless fools.” Guitar now realizes that the toxin is slowly but steadily spreading. The guitar is overjoyed to watch the poison doing havoc on the Sound Hashira.

Uzui declares vehemently that the poison will not affect him. Uzui attacks them, and it’s a spectacular battle! When the bombs came into contact with the demons, they exploded!! After beheading Daki, he almost tries to slit Gyuutaro’s throat but fails. Now it’s time for our three characters, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, to arrive in style!! Uzui now knows how to slay Upper-Rank Moon 6’s siblings. Slicing both of their heads off around the time would suffice! Uzui proudly declares that he is at his finest with some toxin in his system and the three youngsters assisting him. While Zenitsu sleeps, Inosuke offers him support.