‘Peaky Blinders Season 6’: Steven Knight Confirms The Presence Of Aunt Polly

Season 6 of “Peaky Blinders” is on the way. After the previous season’s end, “Peaky Blinders” fans and viewers are left with more questions than answers. Cillian Murphy will undoubtedly reprise his role as Thomas Shelby, or Tommy, in the next final season, reports Digital Spy.

Source: Twitter

Filming for the fifth and final season has come to an end. In the sixth season, almost all of the actors are back. This includes Finn Cole (Michael Gray), Natasha O’Keeffe (Lizzie Shelby), Ned Dennehy (Charlie Strong), Tom Hardy (Alfred “Alfie” Solomons), Aimee-Ffion Edwards (Esme Shelby), Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne), Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby), Cillian Murphy (as Thomas Shelby aka Tommy), Anya Taylor-Joy (as Gina Gray) and many more.

Helen McCrory, who played Polly Gray, was unfortunately lost. In April of this year, she passed away after a long struggle with cancer. At the age of 52, the actress died. Her untimely demise is a significant setback for the production. Cillian Murphy previously stated that filming the show’s final season without her was ‘desperately sad’ for the entire crew.

The Show Creator Confirmed

Steven Knight, the show’s creator, has now spoken about her long-term impact. He also went into detail about Season 6 of “Peaky Blinders”.

“For audiences, the death of Helen as a human being, who was such a fantastic person… was a big sorrow,” he remarked. “We felt Aunt Polly’s and Helen’s vitality persisted throughout the production,” says the director. Aunt Polly will also appear in Season 6 of “Peaky Blinders”, according to him.

“‘Aunt Polly will always be with Peaky,’ he declared. ‘We made the decision early on to keep on and finish it.’ The series, we hope, will serve as a tribute to Helen.”

Cillian Murphy’s Views

Cillian Murphy recently in an interview, told Empire Magazine that one of the things that always makes him sad is that they were about to start filming when the pandemic struck, forcing them to halt production. Helen would have been in the show if they had shot back then, and he is disappointed.

Steve has kept her very, very present, which I believe is a fantastic testament to both Steve and Helen. However, when they were creating it, we couldn’t completely grasp everything.

Season 6 of “Peaky Blinders” will premiere on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer in 2022. Keep an eye on this space for further information on forthcoming Hollywood shows.