Tether Blocks $160 Million of USDT on the Ethereum Blockchain

According to statistics from Etherscan, Tether, a stablecoin issuer, froze three Ethereum addresses on Thursday, totaling approximately $160 million in USDT.

  • The three accounts will no longer be able to send or receive money.
  • According to the Bloxy block explorer, Tether has blacklisted 563 addresses on the Ethereum blockchain since November 2017.
  • Tether has previously stated that it collaborates with regulators regularly to monitor questionable accounts.
  • Late in December, an address containing over $1 million in USDT was locked.
  • Following a November 2017 breach in which $30 million in USDT was stolen, Tether, which issues tokens on many blockchains, began blacklisting addresses.
  • “Today, Tether has frozen three addresses on the Ethereum blockchain containing $160m USDT upon a request from law enforcement. At the moment we are unable to disclose any further details,” a Tether spokesperson wrote in an email.
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