People Are Making Thousands For Free In Crypto Airdrop Season

People trading crypto are waking up to pleasant surprises getting free cryptocurrencies. As new cryptocurrencies enter the market, one way for them to gain traction is to conduct an airdrop where they giveaway the cryptocurrency for free. All users need to do is to claim the amount by paying a transaction fee.

What’s Crypto airdrop

Organizations working on Web3 often use the airdrop method to increase awareness of their product/service among the people. For them, it is the cost they are willing to spend to acquire a new customer. When a new crypto project comes into the market, the easiest way for it to raise interest around itself is to give out its nascent cryptocurrency to crypto enthusiasts for free. For example, it would be akin to if Microsoft goes public and offers 10 free shares to anyone who has used MS-office in the last 2 years.

Best marketing strategy

Nothing attracts as much attention as free money. As the crypto space becomes more crowded with complicated and useful projects, the first logical step to carve your space in the market is to give people a stake in your success. And now that many crypto projects have airdrops in the past at the time of their launch, it has become more of a convention for blockchain apps to take the route.

OpenDAO’s Christmas Airdrop

OpenDAO did its airdrop on 25th December at Christmas. Anyone using OpenSea to buy or sell crypto assets could claim the drop. Till Jan 12, more than 300k wallets have already claimed the free cryptocurrency. But there’s more to it. The more you have spent on OpenSea, the more you are eligible to get in your airdrop.

Soul (name changed), having spent $25,000 on Opensea, landed in the top 6%. He received a good chunk of the freebies. But it was the crypto whales in the top 1%, who received thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency for free in the event. Despite the similarities in their name, it should be noted that OpenDAO is not officially associated with OpenSea.

There’s no need to feel the FOMO if you did not receive this free airdrop. OpenDAO is just one of the crypto projects doing free airdrops. There have been many in the past and there would be more in the future. All you need to do is to get a little more active in these popular marketplaces.


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