Warning: Spoiler Ahead, On ‘The Bachelor’ Clayton’s Season, Sarah Hamrick

We’re aware of *exactly* how she gets.

Remember how worried we were that Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season would be unbearably dull? Bless our hapless, innocent previous selves. Clayton was dumped by three women on night one of the programmes, despite a promo that showed him nonchalantly revealing multiple women that he’d had sex with them and then dramatically sitting in a church (*chef’s kiss*). Claire, for example, announced after eating a chicken wing that she “hates him.”

Sarah Hamrick
Source: Instagram

Sarah: Wealth Management Advisor

Yes, at the age of 23, Sarah knows more about money management than the rest of us. I’ll give you a few moments to consider it.

Sarah And Nonprofit

In other “Sarah is amazingly accomplished/what am I even doing with my life” news, ABC writes that when she’s not “doing it on Wall Street” (obviously, she lives in NYC), she “loves spending time with her family, taking trips to the spa, and building the foundation she founded to support adopted children.”

I’m looking forward to hearing more about her work on this during the performance!

Sarah Hamrick
Source: Instagram

The Pageant Winner

Sarah was crowned Miss South Carolina Teen, so she’s no stranger to the limelight (at least on a local scale):

Spoiler Ahead: Group Date Rose In Episode 2

Tonight’s episode, according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, has a group date with some sort of “Bachelor-themed obstacle course,” which sounds terrifying. Sarah, though, appears to have won, which means she’ll get more time with Clayton if the show follows its usual structure (which, yep, leads to a rose).

One-On-One Next Week

Clayton grants Sarah a one-on-one the next week, so she must have made an impression on him on the group date. They do “several challenges,” according to Reality Steve. This was done in front of others, although no photos from this occasion have ever surfaced. Sarah was the lucky recipient of the rose.”

So, how far will she be able to go? Answer: quite afar.

Sarah: Makes Through The Finale

Sarah travelled to Croatia with Clayton and his final nine, where she had another one-on-one with her boyfriend and received another rose. She then travelled to Vienna to join Clayton’s final seven, however she didn’t make it as a finalist and had to leave during the rose ceremony. It’s a shame she has to return home before viewers and Clayton can meet her family, but I have a feeling we’ll see her in Paradise.

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