FDA Shortens Timing For Moderna Booster To 5 Months

Why does the decrease in the time period for taking the booster help? The FDA has now shortened the time span to take Moderna booster from six months to five. Those who already have been double vaccinated are waiting to get their booster shots in as well. The wait for the vaccine is reduced since the last shot taken by the recipients. For those 18 years and above, the US regulators can show eligibility for these shots as reported by the Dallas Morning News.

Why the booster is needed

The Centres for Disease and Control and Prevention have concurred with this decision. Those who were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine had recommended the change. The initial vaccines were given to children above years of age. However, the recommendation is for booster doses for children above 12 and above with a five-month wait.

The need to shorten the wait for booster dose was taken when the regulators felt that two doses did give enough protection against symptomatic infection. The worrying concern across the globe is the omicron, which happens to be a dominant variant. Studies in the UK did show that boosters were effective enough, up to 75% for such infections. It is also known to reduce the severity of the illness as fewer cases of ICU admissions and death have been reported.

Who are eligible

The FDA vaccine chief has stated their official website and is also covered by ABC News. He has said that getting vaccinated is the best way to fight the coronavirus and decreasing the waiting period will definitely help control the COVID-19 surge.

The FDA has approved both Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines as boosters for 12 and above five months after their second dose, as reported by CNBC News.

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