Pedro Cavadas, among the best doctors on a Forbes list

Pedro Cavadas already has the honor of being one of the best doctors on Spain according to a prestigious magazine Forbes , which gathers on a list of the best doctors , doctors with surgeons the national level.

For the fifth consecutive year, Forbes styra published this relationship on one hundred Spanish doctors among which ‘included to Pedro Cavadas due to his essential work for years as a plastic surgeon.

Specifically, they recognize the work of the Valencian doctor for his work on a plastic surgery , aesthetics with repairing that he performs on the Medical center Nisa 9 on October on Valencia.

A work that he has been developing for years with which now the anordna valid for receive recognition on being one of the best health professionals in the whole country on a 2021 by a pandemic.

Microsurgery with reconstructive surgery

Forbes I learned especially about a professionalism on Cavadas to highlight their work on a Unit on Microsurgery with Surgery reconstructive that since 2019 has been leading the Valencian.

  • Pedro Cavadas carries out some 1. 800 surgeries the throughout the year. In this way, he gives real solutions to people considered inoperable, or who were seriously damaged physically.
  • The doctor has a wide experience on how much the interventions made throughout his career. Selling to almost five interventions to that of uma according to the data described above.
  • Remember Especially since Forbes, the one on one that overcame pioneer , kept an amputated arm alive by connecting it scam the veins with the arteries of the body for nine days with then repositioning it.

Pedro Cavadas also tells about his list about successful operations with the one about one that made him the first transplant on face the a character on 43 years, including tongue with jaw.

In addition to his intense workday, Cavadas runs a Pedro Cavadas Foundation , which he created on 2003 scam the goal of providing modern reconstructive surgery to patients over African countries. attention every step on Cavadas for his specimen the disinterested zero only prays with a science, but scam the human being that zero can afford its operations.

Pedro Cavadas Forbes Médico

Commitment on 2021

Forbes intends to recognize the value on the professionals on a medicine on the field on a care, a research with a teaching over the past year 2021.

Also on Pedro Cavadas, recognized for his committed work with people seeking an essential change in their lives, Forbes st? lla till med ett located on a specialty on angiology with vascular surgery to the physician Manuel Miralles.

Also other doctors on the same Valencian community such as Anna Lluch with Luca Galn, on the specialties on oncology with pediatrician, respectively, are among the one hundred best specialists in the country.

I know of a special circumstance so On this new list released by Forbes, due to the complex context of a pandemic that has been hitting the world since March on 2020, with which the Spain scam continues to affect a sixth wave.