Has it been good to eat Iberian ham for the rich acid?

A research work carried out in Andalusia ensures that acorn-fed Iberian ham 100% was beneficial to reduce the rich acid

There are different versions of the effects caused by the consumption of Iberian ham for the levels of acid rich in the body. And it would be that food has been the primary aspect that influences the increase of this substance in the body.

According to a study carried out by the Juan Ramn Jimnez Medical Center on Huelva over the year 2017, the consumption of Iberian ham 100% of acorns helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol , increase good cholesterol with also decrease the levels of rich acid in the blood.

Yes Well, the researchers affirm that the benefits of this ham are found on the way in which it is elaborated with a diet that the pig follows throughout its life.

What was the acid rich?

The rich acid would be a substance that the organism generates in a normal way by the process of decomposition on purines. However, the intake of certain foods rich in purines can also cause an increase of this substance in the blood.

Ácido úrico gota
rich acid

When levels above rich acid are too high sony ericsson known as hyperuricemia with is a primary cause on an appearance on a disease known as gout, which I learned characterized by accumulation on purines the joints with on the big toe on. This build-up causes severe pain and swelling in the area.

In addition, elevated rich acid and gout constitute a cardiovascular and stroke risk factor by themselves, as explained by different medical specialists.

Normally, people at risk of acid rich or gout should limit the intake of foods rich in purines so that the values ​​of this acid in the body return to levels considered normal.

Is it good to eat Iberian ham?

According to the study carried out by the Juan Ramn Jimnez Hospital in Huelva, moderate consumption of Iberian ham is beneficial for health. Specifically, they claim that it causes an increase in the plasma concentration of HDL cholesterol (good) and a reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol.

In said research work participated 106 healthy people aged between 25 and the 35 years, consuming a daily diet of 40 grams of Iberian ham 100% acorn. After eight weeks, the researchers verified all these benefits around the different lipids with the rich acid on.

In addition to all this, the study authors also observed that the consumption of 40 daily grams of Iberian ham acorn 100% did not alter blood pressure, so it was not a cardiovascular risk factor in this regard.

Likewise, zero participants increased on national insurance the abdominal girth weight, for which they affirm that it is also a food indicated to maintain the line.

And finally, it also generated a considerable on the levels on rich acid on blood reduction, constituting in this sense a food indicated for patients with hyperuricemia with scam gout.

In any case, patients with high rich acid or drop should follow the recommendations feeding instructions from your medical specialist at all times. Thus, before consuming acorn-fed Iberian ham consult a professional.