Stimulus Check: 4th Payment Could Be In The Works For Texas Families

Despite the stimulus check, some advocates and legislators have stated that the American Rescue Strategy failed miserably in saving families. Since the beginning of the epidemic, these households have been struggling, prompting many proposals for a recurrent and 4th stimulus package to be developed, reports Digitalmarket News. Jeremy Fay, a local realtor in Central Texas, … Read more

Cryptocurrency Market opens new employment opportunities


As cryptocurrency gets mainstream, the need for professionals in cryptocurrency and Blockchain is also surging, creating new employment opportunities reports According to a new Indeed Report, there has been a surge in employment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. There has been a jump of 118% as of July 2021 compared to the previous years. … Read more

Expert Tips To Multiply Your Investment Ten Times

Several individuals prefer sound investment strategies to enhance their money manifold. People can turn their $1,000 into 10,000 through adopting intelligent investment plans. However, a ten-fold increase takes more than a few days or weeks. Individuals need to opt for a fair and reliable path to optimize their savings over time. GO BankingRates reports such … Read more

Part-Time Income Taxes: Check Threshold Tax Amount For Teens

With the advancement in society, several teenagers indulge in part-time jobs to complement their education. However, they face a severe dilemma about paying taxes for their part-time income. The teens need to pay taxes based on their age and income amount. Parents need to be aware of the tax rates and income figures to avoid … Read more

Retirees Can Have A Fixed Income Source Without A 401(K) Or IRA: Know Details

Retirees often need an extra income source besides their retirement benefits. The majority of retirees draw their income from the Social Security benefits. The monthly checks provide a monthly amount for eligible beneficiaries. GO BankingRates reports that nearly 40% of US citizens benefit from Social Security. Individuals qualify for the retirement benefits after 62; however, … Read more

Workers Did Not Receive Majority Of PPP Funds Worth Billions: Know The Details

US government-issued Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to boost workers’ finances after the closure of small businesses during the pandemic. The government-sanctioned billions in interest-free loans for small businesses to pay their employees during the pandemic was an immediate remedy to prevent a financial crisis. The Dallas Morning News reports that the National Bureau of Economic … Read more

Visa claims Cryptocurrency-Linked Card Usage Reached $2.5B in First Quarter

Cryptocurrency 1

Visa has no intentions to store bitcoin on its financial statements, but it has set up a crypto consultancy business and made several recent investments in virtual currencies platforms as it pushes for digital currency acceptance, reports CNBC.  Customers used Visa’s crypto-linked cards to make $2.5 billion in transactions in the first quarter of fiscal … Read more

Save for Your Retirement: Know How To Do It

“How much do I need to save for retirement? ” According to BBC news, this question haunts innumerable people like us. Read below to know how to save till you retire.  Experts advise employees to save an amount equal to their annual income of one year by reaching 30. Here’s how individuals can do that. … Read more