8 alternatives for a more sustainable menstrual period


Caring for the environment is a task for all of us and, therefore, arises from the need to produce less limited year or long life. Traditional absorbents used for women during the menstrual period, for example, are produced with a large amount of plastic and can be replaced by opes mais sustentveis. This is because, … Read more

Banana and baunilha shake


Or shake um dos queridinhos do cafĂ© da manh de muitas pessoas for being tasty and trazer benefits sade, helping to eat or day com op direito ainda. E a recipe de shake com banana isso e tudo mais! A banana, rich in nutrients important for the organism, helps to melt or humor and relax … Read more

Aged 54, Celso Portiolli reveals treatment for cancer of the bexiga


O presenter Celso Portiolli, do SBT, communication in this tera-feira (28) for his followers, on his personal Instagram, who is in treatment after being diagnosed with cancer Na last years 54 years. According to radio operator and entrepreneur, or cancer was found in the most precocious phase possible by means of a rotina test. “I’m … Read more