Bad face porn? 5 effects perform vcio no crebro


Graas diffuse from the web, electronic images, explicit videos this is now just a few touches away. Electronic of all operating system waste that the internet feeds, or interest in pornography of longe um 2 most lucrative electronic explored. More perform than a simple adult entertainment, the pornography enters zero hall on prazeres imediatos electronic … Read more

5 habits that prejudice your oral sade and provocam mau hlito


Caring for your mouth sake would be essential, both to keep the breath always fresh and to avoid damage to your mouth. Meanwhile, there are some common habits that we can pass on a false sense of hygiene – electronic ends up damaging operating system dentes, a gengiva electronic at the same language, increasing the … Read more

Or that imunological janela and why important conhec-la


“I have a sexual relationship with risco essa noite, I want to see or examine to know if I am with someone else”. “My partner has a genital ulcer with a diagnosis of syphilis, I want to take an exam to know if it is also necessary to treat.” “Ontem, let’s go to a party … Read more

How to know if or baby has a vision problem?


It is extremely important for or developing two babies. Through which as children I discover the world to the Lord and I will learn to make all kinds of years. But how do you know how little you are doing adequately? Generally, we can be wary of visual problems in babies who do not have … Read more

Or what to Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome (CFS)?


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