Is California Still a Great Place for Tourists to Visit Right Now?

Like everywhere else in the world, California went through quite a few upheavals over the last two years. Many places around the globe have gone through fundamental changes because of those upheavals.

California, universally known as a tourist’s dream vacation, is still open for business. The same tourist attractions and traps still exist, but there are some differences. Here’s a look at the tourist attractions in California right now.

The Closing and The Reopening of California

Like many places, California did close its doors for a little while. The state officially reopened in June, 2021. The reopening included the removal of all restrictions. That means people can go to California from other states or other countries without hindrance. That also means that it’s possible to take a trip once again through some of what California has to offer tourists.

And that begs the question of what exactly is there for tourists right now. The restaurants, bars, and wineries have opened once again. The theme parks and attractions will now let people in without limiting capacity. You can leisurely travel and enjoy whatever part of the state you want to. According to the official California tourism site:

  • No travel restrictions
  • No vaccination requirement
  • No air travel restrictions into or out of the state
  • All state and national parks are open

And while that all sounds fine, people may notice that caveats exist. The state left some rules in play, and it also allows businesses and individual counties to have their own rules. Then there are the broader federal rules tourists must pay attention to as well.

For example, California allows international travelers, but the CDC still has rules for travelers. So, those people who may want to visit from abroad can still find they need to go through a procedure before they can do so. Speaking of the CDC, it still has guidelines specifically for California.

These guidelines aren’t rules or laws, but individual businesses or counties can still choose to abide by them. This can become important for a traveler who is doing something in one area but finds out that once they enter a different town, they can’t do what they want to do there without also following those guidelines.

California’s Caveats

California still has mandatory mask rules for people at a school, in a hospital, on public transportation, or those attending larger events. In addition, some counties may require vaccination proof or a negative test proof before they allow someone to attend certain events or attractions. The state still has a heavy focus on people following reasonable guidelines, getting their vaccinations, and generally trying to make things safe for themselves and those around them in whatever they can.

Still, the state is open. All this just means that people who want to travel to and around California need to do their homework ahead of arriving there. You should know where you want to go and if where you want to go has rules you need to abide by. All this said, don’t let any of it deter you if you want to visit the state. All the things, including fishing, boating, camping, and sightseeing are waiting for you. And, yes, the famous California weed dispensaries are open for business.

So, What Is There to Do in California These Days?

Didn’t you hear? Everything is open. That means all the traditional stuff people travel for from miles away. California is a huge state, and the northern attractions aren’t the same as the southern attractions. With everything open, it’s really up to individuals to plan the trip out as they would have at any other time. What would you like to do in California?

  • Visit the Napa and Sonoma wine country
  • Take the Warner Bros Studio tour
  • Hang out at the Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Do some whale watching
  • Take a tour of Alcatraz
  • Take a sunset cruise in San Fran Bay
  • Go on a Jeep or ATV tour
  • Check out the San Diego Zoo

The point is that it’s all there for you. The travel companies have been putting together packages and the state says you’re more than welcome. Whether it’s L.A. or Yosemite, you have the right to go. The tourism offices of every county are open and have their own websites so you can see what’s available there and what rules they might have in place, if any.

Will Things Stay this Way for California?

It’s true that things are open now and people can enjoy all of California with very few exceptions. However, those upheavals aren’t fully over and there’s always a possibility that things can change quickly. If you’ve always wanted to visit California or do a particular thing in California, then now is the perfect time to do so. There’s a whole lot to do there, and who knows if the next upheaval might remove some of those things for good. Go now and go with confidence. California is definitely a great place for tourists right now.