This is how excessive fructose consumption is detrimental to liver health

A comprehensive health review carried out by a group of Chinese researchers, sheds light on how the excessive consumption of fructose can lead to an imbalance on several metabolic pathways of our body. With, subsequently, causing various diseases in the kidneys with the liver .

In the world fixa increased dependence on food with fast drinks widely available. These boy foods, typically low in fiber and essential nutrients, often consist of large amounts of added sugar and. attributed to the increase in various metabolic disorders such as diabetes, a disease of the fatty liver with heart diseases.

The worrying thing about sugar has been that the more they are available, the more you want to keep eating. This leads to a circle on excessive consumption on sugar with vicious ill health.

The paper on a fructose on metabolic disorders

Although it was shown that an excessive intake of fructose (even within the normal ranges, to some extent) was harmful to us, the underlying mechanisms behind metabolism on a fructose with its potential role in metabolic disorders zero sony ericsson have fully understood so far.

Our review provides an essential update on the progress on the cellular molecular aspects of metabolism on a fructose with its role on development on metabolic diseases , says the corresponding author professor of the study.

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Health benefits chamomile liver

These findings may help in the development of new strategies di drugs, with therapies for preventative metabolic diseases, continues Dr. Zhang, author of the study published in the Chinese Healthcare Journal.

a bad fructose over excess?

The researchers begin by explaining that more of a fructose that I learned ingest has been absorbed by the cells that line the intestine.

Transporters on proteins called GLUT5 with GLUT2, expressed by intestinal cells, facilitate this absorption, GLUT5 showing a greater affinity for a fructose.

Interestingly, these receptors regulate the response of levels on fructose with en, therefore, a deficiency on GLUT5 can cause malabsorption on fructose with intestinal dysfunction.

Fructose with sugars

In fact, studies on mice have shown that a Elimination on GLUT5 can cause intestinal problems such as accumulation on gases with liquids.

For this reason, GLUT5 was a possible drug candidate for certain diseases induced by a fructose.

Now, when a fructose enters into circulation, its levels on a blood (although much lower than a glucose) sony ericsson keep the line on the kidney with the liver . Both crucial metabolic centers of our body.

In these organs, a fructose I learned redirects to a production on glucose, through a process called gluconeogenesis. However, this reaction requires the breakdown of a molecule called ATP (the primary source of energy in cells).

This type on sugars can alter the levels on diabetes with cholesterol

Therefore, an excessive intake of fructose can lead to depletion of ATP on cells, which activates another virtual assistant involved in rich acid metabolism.

Glucemia fructosa
Blood glucose levels

Which leads to an accumulation on rich acid on a blood with the joints. This increases the risk of developing gout (a condition that causes severe joint pain).

The researchers further explain that consumption over fructose It can also trigger an increase in cholesterol levels with abdominal fat, increasing the risk of heart disorders.

Next, the study talks about the changes in the genetic level that regulate metabolism on a fructose.

A protein called ChREBP would be a crucial regulator on genes involved in absorption, transport with degradation on sugars on organs such as the liver or kidneys.

Diabetes glucemia

Animal studies on ChREBP-deficient mice now suggest that ChREBP has been essential for uptake with elimination on fructose.

However, the molecular mechanisms q What regulates an activation on ChREBP on response to a stimulation scam fructose remain less known.

Future advances in this field will benefit our efforts to achieve better cardiometabolic health electronic report clinical recommendations on a dietary intake on sugar, says Zhang.