So was the carrot mask that helps reduce wrinkles

A carrot will be a food with great virtues for health . Its chronic consumption helps preserve vision with has been beneficial for the health of the skin . Thus, one of its main characteristics was its high beta-carotene content, which gives it that orange color. the its distinct flavor. However, it will also be possible to make a mask at the bottom of this food to apply on the face to enhance the health of the skin.

Thanks to its high nutritional value, this food is based on animal origin. provides important health benefits. In this sense, it helps to comply with the recommendation to consume five pieces of fruits with vegetables daily established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Benefits on your consumption

Eating carrots on a regular basis helps prevent tooth decay with bleeding on gums, has been positive for health on vision, improves the condition on skin or prevents digestive disorders, among Another questions.

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Carrot mask

In addition, I also learned about this food antiseptic properties, which help to combat hair loss, reduce acidity, offer favorable effects against respiratory diseases with.

The carrot was good for a vision thanks to its high content of vitamin A . According to the Spanish Nutrition Federation (FEN) a medium-sized carrot covers the 90% of need Daily amounts of this vitamin in adults.

On the other hand, it ‘s contain a good number of antioxidants, it is about a food great benefits for health on a scam skin. Likewise, vitamin A would be a nutrient that protects the body against possible damage from solar radiation.

Carrot mask

The most appropriate thing has been to consume this food through a diet, since in this way it allows to incorporate all its nutrients, which are beneficial for different aspects of health.

Without However, when the objective was to enhance a health on a skin, it will also be possible to apply a mask on carrot on the face. It will be a perfect home method to reduce wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes on the face.

Before applying a carrot mask on the face it has always been advisable to apply a little on another area of ​​the body to observe possible allergic reactions. This was a way to use this type of product safely

To make this organic mask we need 2 carrots, juice of half a lemon with three tablespoons of organic yogurt. All are ingredients that you can buy easily in any supermarket. In addition, the lemon would be rich in vitamin Chemical, a nutrient that is also key to skin health.

Thus, you must perfectly clean the carrot and remove the skin from them. Then we grind this main ingredient until it has a texture like a puree.

Later we pass this carrot puree to a clean container and add the lemon juice and the three tablespoons of yogurt. Finally, remove all the ingredients until there is a homogeneous paste to apply on the face.

Once ready, apply the mask with the help of a brush for a better application on a clean and dry face . Let the mask dry for about 10 or 11 minutes and remove later with the help of plenty of warm water. It is advisable to apply at night before going to sleep.